4 Reasons I’m Choosing Grace Over Guilt


Guilt: the state or feeling of one who has committed an offense

Grace: God’s free and unmerited favor toward sinful humanity

I’ve been writing and rewriting this post. Because I know it can help somebody who is stuck in flashbacks from one bad choice, one bad day, one bad moment, but I’m having difficulty finding the right words to express how much grace has saved my life. I’m not a pastor and I’m not a very wise woman, but I do know where I was before and I know where I am now. And all the glory goes to God. Everything good in my life is because I decided to once and for all say goodbye to guilt and hello to grace.

I’m not pretending the sin I committed didn’t happen. But living guilty won’t accomplish anything good.

The Four Reasons I’m Choosing Grace Over Guilt 

#1. The People Around Me

My husband. My family. My friends. People who depend on me. I’ve been entrusted with people in my life and I need to honor that.  I was no good for anyone when I was conversing nonstop with the enemy about how horribly I messed up.

#2. Other Women

I need to help warn other women. There are other naive women who are ready to believe the lies abortion presents. I need to be a truth speaker so I can save other women the heartbreak.

#3 Future Generations

If I ever have any more babies, their lives matter and I need to be strong for them. I wasn’t strong before but I can be strong now. I’ve heard many pastors preach on the message of what isn’t healed is handed down. I do not want to hand this down to future generations.  God willing, I will have more babies. God willing, I’m going to raise my babies to know Jesus. In fact, the baby in the picture is my newly born son, Declan. And he’s a direct result of me accepting God’s grace.

#4 Jesus Died For It

This is the main reason I need to accept God’s grace. At times, I used to think that yes, Jesus died for our sins, but not this sin. Thank God, what I think does not matter. I can’t live based on what I think and call myself a Christian. I have to live based on what I know. And the Bible tells me Jesus died for our sins. Our sins have been washed away. Our sins are as far from us as the east is from the west. If I don’t accept God’s grace completely, it’s like saying Jesus’s sacrifice wasn’t great enough.

We can either choose to let guilt win or choose to accept God’s grace. There’s a right and a wrong choice. And I intend to spend the rest of my life chasing after the right choice this time.  My prayer is for any others suffering from the guilt or pain of a past event to seek out God. 


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