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When I was six, I went as a witch for Halloween. The dress was a one-size-fits-all black dress so the next year, I wore the same witch costume. When I was eight, however, my Halloween costume was Belle’s fancy gold ballroom dress from Beauty and The Beast. I pranced around all of October in my home dressed up in anticipation and jumping on furniture singing, “Be our guests! Be our guests! Something something be our guests!!!” 

But something changed when I went to get dressed on Halloween night for trick-or-treating. The night I would be out amongst others instead of safely hidden at home. I looked at my fancy princess gown hanging up in my closet and suddenly got flooded with all these doubts. You will look dumb in that dress. Other kids will laugh at you. The dress is too big. Too shiny. And way too gold.

So instead of wearing my princess dress, I succumbed to the lies. My little hands reached inside my closet and grabbed the witch costume. The familiar, safe, boring witch costume. I hated myself that Halloween night.

Even at the young age of eight, fear of rejection had a strong grip on me.

Unfortunately, that princess dress debacle isn’t the only time I’ve made a choice guided by fear. I’ve experienced many new and heartbreaking levels of regret and guilt and shame.

Yes, a whole lot happened in my life between being eight years old and now.  But the most important one was I got saved at twenty-five and became a Christian. Without Jesus, I guided myself from one mess to the next. God rescued me from me. Amen!

My new identity in Christ has taught me that I am a daughter of God. And a daughter of a king is a…princess. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a sheep, needing daily guidance from my Shepard. I’m still a sinner so prone to sin.

I was once too embarrassed to wear Belle’s dress. I don’t want to be embarrassed to proclaim my new identity in Christ. I don’t want to keep wearing the safe witch costume for the rest of my life when I have a fancy new princess dress to try out.

When the storms come and the devil attacks, women need to hold on to the truth that we’re not facing anything alone. We need to get a strong grip on the truth that we are warrior princesses who have already been rescued. Our demons don’t need to scare and control us anymore because our father the King is with fighting for and with us.

I refuse to let my identity as a daughter of God hide away like my Belle costume did. Jesus bought and paid for my new identity and it will not go unused.


A Rescued Princess is about saying hello and yes to

Hope. Faith. Grace. Forgiveness. Love. Mercy. Truth. Princess.  Jesus.

A Rescued Princess is about saying goodbye and no to

Fear. Anxiety. Depression. Guilt. Shame. Hate. Selfishness. Lies. Sinner. Satan.

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