Baby #2 Pregnancy Update – Week 21

Due Date:  December 1st

Size of Baby: Carrot

Gender: We are going to be surprised. I was reading my medical updates on the hospital app and thought I accidentally found out the gender! My whole body got hot and I panicked because I did not want to find out through a phone app. Turns out I misread the chart and it was just Declan’s gender. Oops!

Eating/Craving:  Soy sauce, popcorn. Whatever is salty. Salty over sweet for sure. I can barely stomach sweets right now, with the exception of cookies and fruit. With my other pregnancy I also had an aversion to sugar. After Declan was born I went crazy with milkshakes, but each time I try to eat one while pregnant, I’m just not interested.

Mama Physically:
Sleepy. I’ve been taking or wanting to take naps nearly every day. There’s a strong afternoon slump arising. I’ve also gained 4 pounds this week! I’ve only gained 6 pounds total for the pregnancy so far, so the weight gain and sleepiness must be connected.

Mama Emotionally:
Happy and thankful. Sadly, summer is almost over and I don’t want to spend the rest of summer anything but happy and thankful for this time home with Dillon and Declan. People give teachers kudos for working with 20-30 kids all day, but I have to give kudos to people who have jobs that never have a finish line except retirement.

The second pregnancy is different because…
I have only made two green smoothies. With Declan’s pregnancy, I had a green smoothie every single morning. I think I overdid it and am just not ready for them again. I’ve been steaming spinach to get my leafy greens and if I do make a smoothie, I make it with mostly all tropical fruits. Dillon’s not a fan of green smoothies, but if I make it taste like Jamba Juice he is all for it.

What’s New With Baby #1?  Declan – 9 months old
He had to go to baby jail. 🙁 Before having a baby I was not a fan of baby gates. They seemed like a waste of money and inconvenient for the parents. How naive of me. They are amazing and keep baby safe. And mommy and daddy don’t have to constantly go pick him up before he reaches Mattie’s food and water dishes. His baby gate keeps him out of the kitchen and inside our open living room.

With Baby #2, something I’ll do differently is…

Make freezer meals. All the lists said to make freezer meals, but I just didn’t want to bother with my last pregnancy. As a result, we had a lot of snacks and takeout when Declan was born. I would love to have a good stash of frozen meals ready to go when this baby is born. Dillon is normally the main chef at this house, and I really don’t want him tied to the kitchen when his energy would be better spent taking care of Declan, taking care of mommy, and snuggling up with the newborn.

With Baby #2, something I’ll do the same is…

With Declan, I was able to have a unmedicated, intervention-free, natural hospital birth. It was everything I could have imagined and I would love to delivery the next baby in mostly the same way. There are a few things I would like to try differently, but my goal this time is also for a natural delivery if everything lines up.

A tough mommyhood moment this week:
I am officially done breastfeeding Declan at 9 months. I really wanted to go a year or longer breastfeeding him, but my milk stopped coming in strong when I got pregnant and has been gradually decreasing each month. It was a tough transition to only formula, but my body has switched gears to pregnancy and if the milk won’t come, the milk won’t come. I tried some lactation cookies and a few other tricks, but I had to accept that my breastfeeding journey with Declan is over. Or at least on hold until my milk comes back with the new baby.

A sweet mommyhood moment this week:
Nighttime cuddles before bed. Right before I put Declan down for his bedtime, I sing him one or two short lullabies. For the past week or so he has been sinking his face into my body, snuggling up as close as he can get. I know it’s because he doesn’t want to me to put him down for bedtime, but I love feeling him snuggle up against me, even for those few quick moments. He used to snuggle me all the time when he was younger, but he has the world to explore now! I treasure any small snuggles he gives.

How I did with #PregnancyGoals Last Week

  • Eat any kind of fish.
  • Sort through Declan’s old clothes
  • Think about how I want to do Declan’s baby book
  • Sort through my closet

#PregnancyGoals for next week:

  • Eat fish. I do take cod liver oil pills, but I need some healthy fish in my diet.
  • Sort through Declan’s old clothes
  • Drink raspberry leaf tea daily
  • Continue 30 minute morning walks

Bump Photo at 21 Weeks

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  1. That would have been so sad if you accidentally found out the gender! Ha ha! I am glad it was a mistake. I am so excited to find out if Baby #2 is a girl or boy!! That’s good to know that you wish you would have made more freezer meals–I am trying to figure out what to prioritize for these last two weeks of pregnancy, and I will definitely highlight that item on my to-do list. I love this picture of you and Declan–you look so good, and he is such a cutie!! I hope you continue to feel well, and get lots of rest. It is so nice that you have had the summer to get through your first trimester, and the beginning of your second–before you have to go back to work!
    Bethany Lotulelei recently posted…35 Week BumpdateMy Profile

  2. Yes! Definitely make some freezer meals if you have time. I know some people bring new parents food but that was not the case for Dillon and me. I think we got one meal? But it was a group family meal. You have a big family so maybe they can take turns cooking you guys something yummy to drop off. And yes, summer has been so great to have off to get the pregnancy going. Haha, I was pregnant at the beginning of last year and now I’ll be pregnant again starting this year off — it’s crazy but I wouldn’t trade it 🙂

  3. Thank you so much Katie, this was so helpful (the way you broke things down) especially knowing how stressful and difficult pregnancy can be. By the way you look amazing in the pictures. How did you manage to get rid of the pregnancy weight after the baby? ? Any tips ?
    Jija recently posted…21 Easy Healthy Recipes For Pregnant WomenMy Profile

  4. Thanks for reading! I’m naturally pretty thin, more so than I would like to be, so I didn’t do anything to try and lose the pregnancy weight, I actually enjoyed it and wouldn’t have minded keeping more of it! I do eat a gluten-free diet, sometimes paleo, so I normally eat pretty healthy and Declan has been keeping me very active!

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