Baby #2 Pregnancy Update – Week 22


Due Date:  December 1st

Size of Baby:  Grapefruit. I always have Dillon guess and he says the fruits/veggies don’t line up. I have to agree. Last week baby was a carrot and this week a grapefruit?? Hmm…

Gender: Waiting to find out until the big day.

Eating/Craving: Pears! I used to make homemade pearsauce, like applesauce but just pears, and when we were grocery shopping I smelt the pears and proceeded to buy 10. I would say with this pregnancy pears were the first thing so far that I. Had. To. Have. 

Mama Physically:
No real complaints. Sometimes extra sleepy. Pregnancy has been kind to me. I’m still able to move around with Declan and don’t feel any major physical restrictions yet.  I’m loving how I’ve finally started to gain some weight, about 5-7 pounds depending on the time of day.

Mama Emotionally:
I am thinking about how this baby will look and act. I’m really interested to see how Declan and this baby will be different. I’ve really only been around Declan, so everything I know about babies is just true to him. For instance, he does not like stuffed animal toys very much. He prefers spatulas or spoons or remotes or whatever is hard. He has one stuffed animal he favors sometimes and it makes my heart melt when he carries it around with him. But he usually just carries a big plastic spoon. I wonder if new baby will be the same or if all of Delcan’s soft toys will get some playtime finally!

The second pregnancy is different because…
I’m already a mom. Dillon’s already a dad. When this baby arrives, we will know how to change his/her diaper. Dillon won’t be surprised by the meconium. We will  know how to put the baby to sleep. We know about cluster feeding and just how often a newborn eats and sleeps and poops. We aren’t baby experts, but we are no longer newbies. I’m not watching youtube videos on how to swaddle a baby. Dillon won’t have to figure out how to install the baby’s carseat. I’m not looking up other mamas’ lists of What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag or what items are Must-Haves for a Newborn.

I am already a mom, and God willing, all the mommy tools I have in my belt will come in handy. I don’t want to get over confident since baby could live life way differently than Declan.

What’s New With Baby #1?  Declan – 9 months old
Declan is officially sleeping in his bedroom in his crib! I loved bedsharing with him in the beginning months and for a month or so he has been sleeping in his pack n’play or crib, but still in our bedroom. This week we moved the crib into his bedroom. He naps in his bedroom and he sleeps in his bedroom. This is major because for the first 8 months he was in our bed in our bedroom.

I was a tad heartbroken to see him sleeping in his own room, but then I remembered, I’ll have another baby sleeping in my room in about 4 months, so not too sad about it.

With Baby #2, something I’ll do differently is…
I would love to announce the birth of our baby to the neighbors by putting out pink or blue balloons in the front yard by the street. I’ve seen other houses with balloons out front and I really want to do that this time, too. I probably won’t see the neighbors for at least a week or so after baby is born, but I’d love to still include them in the celebration.

With Baby #2, something I’ll do the same is…
While at the hospital, stock up on as many postpartum feminine care products as possible. I asked the nurses last time for extra pads, extra mesh underwear, extra witch hazel pads, extra numbing spray, and anything else they would give me. They were super accommodating and it was such a relief to not need to make a trip to Target.

A tough mommyhood moment this week:
Looking up daycares. Declan has never been to a daycare before. He’s barely even been babysat. Summer is almost over and that means teachers must return to work.  The thought of him in daycare makes me cry. Which I know is part first time mommy and part pregnancy hormones.

How noticeable is a 10 month old amongst a group of 4th graders???

Big sigh. I know we have been spoiled and Declan has been spoiled to get these 10 months together. But I can’t stop thinking about how much attention he gets from us and how I sing to him and rock him to sleep for his naps. And how he has a super awesome set schedule with eating and independent play and exercise play and naps and outdoor time and man, oh man. His little world is just going to turn upside down.

Right now Dillon is still able to stay home with him for a few weeks, but I know daycare is inevitable with two working parents.

I know daycare won’t be as bad as I’m envisioning it. All I can see are the possible negatives. I am blinded by thoughts of other kiddos germy spit on all the toys and the kids poking each other in the face and the older 2 year old kiddos being obsessed with babies and trying to carry him. I picture him at nap time just standing in a pack n’play crying his heart out searching for me or his daddy and not understanding why we aren’t there with him.

Oh man. I think this will be my hardest parenting move yet. Learning to let go.

I know there are positives to daycare, too. He will probably love it. But my mommy heart is just sad about it all. Even as I write this I am crying. It is going to be tough when I have to drop him off for daycare.

A sweet mommyhood moment this week:
With Declan now in his own room, sleeping from roughly 6:30 PM to 5:30 AM, Dillon and I have gotten some time to ourselves. We have been sharing a bedroom and bed with a baby for over 8 months! We had forgotten what it was like to be able to talk in bed, read in bed with a light on, and not tiptoe around everywhere. We even moved our toothbrushes back to our master bathroom because we don’t have to worry the sound will wake the baby! Reclaiming our bedroom has been really great for mommy and daddy. Haha, although there still is a baby in bed with us… getting bigger and claiming more territory every day.

How I did with #PregnancyGoals Last Week

  • Eat fish.
  • Sort through Declan’s old clothes
  • Drink raspberry leaf tea daily
  • Continue 30 minute morning walks

#PregnancyGoals for next week:

  • Drink raspberry leaf tea daily
  • Continue looking up baby names
  • Pray for baby – this is a lifetime goal and reminder to seek God for help with this baby
  • Pretend I’m on Amazing Race and eat lots of sardines quickly

Bump Photo at 22 Weeks

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