Baby #2 – Pregnancy Update – Week 24

Due Date:  December 1st – I am so excited for winter and the holidays and the cold.

Gender: It’s a surprise! But mostly likely a girl or a boy.

Eating/Craving: Homemade chicken soup and red raspberry leaf tea with honey and lemon. I caught a cold this week.

Mama Physically:
I got a sore throat Sunday night that turned into a full blown cold. I had to go back to work on Monday for teacher meetings and to set up my classroom. Tuesday was also a work day where we had teacher meetings and more time to set up our classrooms, however, I had to use one of my sick days and stay home on Tuesday. The kiddos came on Wednesday and I needed to try build up any strength and fight this cold.

Teaching requires a lot of talking, especially the first few weeks of school where routines and everything else get established. By the end of each day my voice has been gone and my body is tired.

Starting the school year 6 months pregnant and sick has been rough. I’ve been living on prayers, homemade chicken soup, and honey/lemon tea this week. A shout out to Dillon for keeping the soup and tea coming all week long! #hallelujahforhusbands 

Mama Emotionally:
Rollercoaster week of emotions. Going back to work had me in tears. I’m somewhere in between wanting to be a full time stay at home mom and being very grateful to help provide for my family and also to have a job with great medical benefits.

After work, I only get to see Declan for about 2-3 hours because he has such an early bedtime. I try to make the most of those sweet hours and get as many giggles and kisses in as I can.

The second pregnancy is different because…

People have funny reactions when they find out I’m pregnant again! Already! 

Being back at work and noticeably pregnant, I’ve gotten a lot of funny reactions from co-workers. With the first baby everyone was more, I’m not sure if gentle is the right word, but just more awwww. With the second, I’m getting a lot of friendly laughs about how close the babies will be in age. Which is totally fine, because we will need a sense of humor to get us through it all.

What’s New With Baby #1?  Declan – 10 months old
Declan can climb up the couch. He can’t climb back down and still just dives head first. Mommy and daddy are trying to teach him how to climb down correctly, but he just goes head first each time.

He is also still mostly sleeping through the night. Praise! Having a baby sleep through the night is a life game changer. I’ve been enjoying sleep again so much, it seems impossible that for nearly 8 months I got up three times a night to feed a baby. Hah, but I know I’ll soon remember… 😉

With Baby #2, something I’ll do differently is…
Buy a camera baby video monitor. With Declan, we got one of the cheapest ones possible because I didn’t think we’d really need one. And since he was in bed with us for about 8 months, we really didn’t need a monitor to hear him. But now he’s sleeping in his own room and we have the baby monitor on all night. Since it’s a super cheap monitor, it takes batteries instead of charging so we have been wasting money on batteries. We would have been better off to buy a quality one from the start.

I also want the video monitoring kind because it’s fun to see the crazy positions babies get into while sleeping or see the crazy things they start to do when they wake up.

I also imagine this baby will be taking a lot of naps in a closed room while brother is awake and playing  or we are outside with Declan, so a quality video monitor will be helpful. The cheap one we have now can’t even handle going outside the house.

With Baby #2, something I’ll do the same is…
Work until I no longer can. I started last year 8 months pregnant with Declan and this year I started 6 months pregnant. Last year I worked until 36 weeks pregnant. 36 weeks will be my goal this year as well. Pregnancy can have so many curves, it’s difficult to predict exactly when will be the right time.

A tough mommyhood moment this week:
Just being a working mommy. Being a stay-at-home mommy (for summer time) had its challenges, too.  And I’ve only been back at work for a week, but it’s tough. On the drive home from work, once I turn onto our street, I ask God to reboot my energy and give me strength to be present with my family. Work is important, especially working with kiddos, but I need to remember after a long day at work, that my family is most important. I don’t want my family to just get what’s left of me. I want to give my family the best of me.

A sweet mommyhood moment this week:
During Declan’s bedtime routine, when he’s in my lap and having his last bottle while we read bedtime stories, I can feel this other little baby kick me. I’m holding and reading to both my babies.

#PregnancyGoals for next week:

  • Take time for ME. To read, to blog, to shop. Whatever.
  • Continue eating healthy now that work has started. The first three days with kids was a blur and I know I didn’t get enough food or water to sustain me. Drinking water at work is hard, too, because I can’t just take a bathroom break when I need to. Someone has to cover my class, which usually isn’t a big deal, but still a slight hiccup.

Bump Photo at 24 Weeks

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  1. I am so sorry you have a cold! I, too, struggled with a terrible virus while I was teaching during my pregnancy, and it was so yucky. I am praying that you will get better soon, and stay healthy for the rest of your pregnancy! You look so cute, Katie, and I LOVE that dress! I planned on dressing a lot cuter when I was pregnant, but by the time I had a bump, I really didn’t feel like buying clothes. And my job required scrubs and a polo, so I didn’t really have a reason to buy them. For my next pregnancy, I want to buy a few cute dresses from the get-go so I can get some use out of them. I know it must be so hard to transition back into teaching as a mom of two, but hang in there! You are amazing!! You can do this!
    Bethany Lotulelei recently posted…Gideon’s Birth Story: Part 1My Profile

  2. Thank you! It’s not a maternity dress, I’ve found that if I just find the right fabric for dresses and make sure they are long enough, they will last me the whole pregnancy. Something about the second baby has me wanting to buy more cute clothes, I think it’s wanting to make sure the pregnancy gets attention and celebrated since I’m so busy with Declan. And yes, the transition has been tough, but Dillon and my students (I have a good class) are making it easier.

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