Baby #2 – Pregnancy Update – Week 25

A short update this week. Working full time while pregnant is no joke. Each day I am taking it hour by hour. I’m trying to keep up with house chores, blogging, reading, exercising, etc. Work is important but I don’t want it to consume my life. The beginning of school is always the most hectic so I’m really hoping things slow down and become more routine soon.

Due Date:  December 1st

Gender: I think a boy. We did the ring test and it said boy. The heartbeat says boy. Brothers!

Eating/Craving: Small meals or snacks. My appetite hasn’t been very strong this week.

Mama Physically:
Praise God, I got over my cold really quickly. Normally I get a lingering cough with a cold, but this one cleared up very fast. Working all day has made me start to notice things like small amounts of swelling and also how uncomfortable my shoes are to be in all day. I got some leg cramping this week, some minor back pain, and I’m starting to feel the weight of my belly.

Mama Emotionally:
Trying to stay very grateful and focus on the positives. I had to drop Declan off at daycare in the morning (only Daddy has dropped him off before). I held back the tears as I dropped him off, but as soon as I got back in my truck I bawled for a good three minutes before driving to work. It’s strange leaving my baby but I feel really comfortable with his daycare provider. He seems totally fine when I drop him off, excited even. He is being well taken care of and it was a gift from God finding such close, reliable daycare.

The second pregnancy is different because…
I’ve started reading Pinterest lists of anything to do with a second baby. How The Second Baby Is Different. What to do before Baby #2 Arrives. How to survive with 2 under 2.  

What’s New With Baby #1?  Declan – 10 months old
Declan is teething big time right now. He is getting three top teeth at once! It has slightly affected his sleep, but nothing too terrible. Every time I see an older baby or toddler I can’t help but look at all those teeth they have! It’s strange to see Declan starting to have top teeth.

#PregnancyGoals for next week:

  • Finish up a DIY sign I’m making for over our bed before I get too big!
  • Be present with my family after work.
  • Think of middle names.

Bump Photo at 25 Weeks

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  1. You have a lot on your plate right now! You are doing an amazing job balancing being a mama, working, and all your other responsibilities. This season won’t last forever! I remember that exhaustion when I was pregnant and working, and I think it was worse then the newborn-induced exhaustion. I love that dress you are wearing! You have the cutest pregnancy clothes. Can I borrow your wardrobe for our next pregnancy? 😉 I am so glad you are feeling better! It is so much harder to get over something when you are pregnant, and I am glad that it isn’t lingering. It would be so great for Declan to have a baby brother! They will be so close in age, that I am sure they are going to be best buds. Of course, a baby sister would be fun too. I can’t wait to see pics of Baby Mowdy #2!!
    Bethany Lotulelei recently posted…Three Weeks of MotherhoodMy Profile

  2. Hah, I would definitely share my clothes with you! I have a feeling you are taller than me though — I’m 5’3. Nearly all my dresses are just regular dresses that when buying I made sure would stretch for the majority of my pregnancy. I have about five on rotation. And yes, work exhaustion mixed with pregnancy exhaustion is a lot to handle.

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