Baby #2 – Pregnancy Update Week 26

This post is over a week late because Week 26 was difficult.

My body broke. The juggling of family life and teacher life and pregnancy life and new mom life and wife life became way too much. I dropped all the life balls. I had ignored signs my body was giving me for a few weeks to slow down and I paid the consequences.

During week 26, all those warning signs my body was giving me became hugely exacerbated.  I was severely bathroom sick and getting dehydrated very quickly. I couldn’t keep or get food in me. I was up all night getting sick for about 5 nights. I was sick all throughout the day. Because I was diagnosed with celiac disease (the gluten-free thing) 8 years ago, I am no stranger to bathroom sickness. But none of my normal remedies were helping in the slightest. I just kept getting worse and worse. I’ll skip all the icky details, but it was severe and scary. I went to the doctor after being sick for two days nonstop and he insisted I take off work for the next week and got me hooked up to two bags of IV fluid, the sugar water or gateraid in a bag as the nurse called it.

Later that night, I was still really dehydrated and started to get contractions. The doctor had said if anything got worse to go to the birth center. Having contractions seemed worse, so Dillon and I went to the hospital around 3 AM to check out what was going on. I got another bag of IV fluids and the contractions lessened. Once a test for preterm labor came back negative,  I was discharged from the hospital and told to feel better soon.

But I didn’t start to feel better soon. Whatever I had stayed strong for the next three days. I had now lost seven pounds. I continued doing a lot of talking with God for wisdom and guidance through this storm. I kept reminding myself that God has already seen me through this and that He has a plan for this baby and my life and whatever comes our way, He’ll lead us through it. That gave me the energy and peace I needed to stay strong during this flareup of sickness.

The doctor also prescribed me an antibiotic incase I had a bad bacteria living in my gut. I’m normally not fond of antibiotics, but I started the dosage and saw slow but steady results. Family came by to help play with Declan and clean and run errands for me so I could just sleep and rest. All of that resting nonstop has allowed for me to now be on the uphill and for many reasons, I am starting to regain my energy, strength, and weight. Thank you, family! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, God!

Week 26 was a long week. I learned and relearned a lot of lessons that week. Two of them being

  1. Stress is a real thing and can unleash havoc on my body. My body is already under a huge amount of pressure to create a human life (again! so soon!) and I need to respect the hard work my body is doing by taking extra care of it.
  2. Each day my body is healthy is a precious gift from God. Don’t waste healthy days being lazy. Don’t procrastinate or waste time. Being stuck in bed made me long to clean the counters or vacuum or sew or cook or travel. Being healthy is a gift and I need to use that energy for good while I have it.

Hospital Bump Photo at 26 weeks: 

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  1. Oh, Katie, I am so sorry that you’ve been so sick! My heart just hurts for you, and I wish I lived close enough to bring you a meal or two! That is so scary. We will be praying for you and sweet baby #2. I am so glad that you are starting to feel better. You are so right about learning to value the days when you could do tasks such as cleaning. Since I’ve been on restrictions for the past six months (first due to the placenta previa, and then because of the c-section) I’ve learned what a precious privilege it is to be able to do things such as carry groceries to the car, go on a run, or de-junk the house. I haven’t been able to do these things for half a year, and in a week I’ll be cleared of my restrictions! I CAN’T WAIT, and I will never again take everything for granted. Hugs to you, sweet mama. Hang in there! Prayers from Nebraska!

  2. Thank you friend for the prayers. 🙂 God has gotten me through this tough patch of sickness. That is great news that you are almost restriction free – I know there has been so much you weren’t able to do these past months and that has to be so difficult. From what I can tell, Saia really stepped up and took on all those extra responsibilities (#hallelujahforhusbands), but it will be so freeing when you can do them, too. Sometimes chores for me are calming and it’s stressful to see the dog hair all over the carpet or the dishes in the sink but aren’t quite able to do anything about them.

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