Baby #2 Pregnancy Update – Weeks 27-28

Due Date:  December 1st

Gender: Waiting to be surprised, but mama’s instincts say boy.

Eating/Craving: Drinking Pedialyte. Eating lots of ground beef patties and potatoes and bananas and other plain jane foods. I finally got my appetite back after being consistently sick for a week, but I stuck with mostly neutral foods seasoned with only salt and pepper.

Mama Physically:
Much better. I mentioned last week how I had lost 7 pounds in less than a week from being sick so frequently, but I am thrilled to report I have gained all that weight back plus a pound!!! I’m pretty small to begin with, so losing that much weight during my 7 month of pregnancy was scary. I have sung praises to Jesus each time I step on the scale and see the numbers rise up. Hallelujah! Also, the Braxton-Hicks contractions have faded for the most part. The random cramping has faded. My body is still recovering from week 26. I’m pretty sleepy still and taking naps whenever I can.

Mama Emotionally:
Oh man, I have been so thankful to get on the other side of that sickness. I’m still not 100% but I can make Declan dinner again! And change his diaper! Doing small tasks like those made me so happy after having to need Dillon to do all the work around the house for a week. I am thankful, thankful, thankful my health is getting better.

The second pregnancy is different because…
My doctor was on vacation when I was getting really sick, but I made an appointment to see her for a follow-up as soon as she returned. She talked with me for about 3 minutes about what had been going on and then she put me on disability from work. So as of 28 weeks pregnant, I have stopped working. The plan was to work until at least 36 weeks.  I am still figuring out how to process it all. I know it is most important for me to take my health seriously and that my health is directly related to baby’s health. I know that work stress was too much for me to handle, despite my best efforts. But I had already taught for 2.5 weeks. I had already fallen in love with my students. We were 8 chapters deep into Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. We had become a family. And then the leader of the family had to leave. And I miss them. I miss being Mrs. Mowdy. I was loving 4th grade and my students. My body was not loving it though, my body couldn’t handle everything I was demanding it do. I was breaking under the stress and I know it’s best for me to be off work. It was really scary getting hooked up to IV fluids and going to the hospital with contractions at 26 weeks worrying, is the baby coming right now? 

But being taken off work is an adjustment so I am looking for my new groove.

What’s New With Baby #1?  Declan – 11 months old
Declan is doing great. Sleeping great. Eating great. Playing great. He is such a good baby. He is currently still going to the in-home daycare we found for him when I went back to work. Even though I’ve been off work, he has still been going most days. My doctor told me to couch potato it for at least 2 weeks and that is nearly impossible to accomplish with an 11 month old. This time of rest has been very healing for me.

A tough mommyhood moment this week:
Battling small amounts of guilt about dropping Declan off at daycare now that I am off work. With the new baby coming in just a few short months I want to enjoy Declan as much as I can, and admitting I need extra help just to rest is tough.

A sweet mommyhood moment this week:
Declan’s hair sticks straight up in the back. We’ve had strangers joke with us asking if he stuck his finger into an electrical socket. Another has stated jokingly how Declan has a serious case of bedhead. Dillon and I just love his hair. Most people comment on it right away and it always leaves them smiling. I love it. It makes me smile, too.

#PregnancyGoals for next week:

  • Keep gaining weight!!!
  • Stay as stress free as possible.
  • Come up with solid goals for before baby arrives — I have a lot of free time to fill now

Bump Photo at 27-28 Weeks
To escape the heat and get some beach therapy, we took off during the week to California’s central coast. It’s only a few hours away. We stayed in our little trailer for two nights. It was amazing to wear Uggs and a beanie. I got to put socks on Declan for the first in months and his little feet were so cute in socks! I’ve missed him in socks. I am so so so so so ready for summer and the heat to be over. This pregnant mama wants lots of hot chocolate, snuggling, blankets, and Ugg wearing.

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  1. You are the cutest pregnant lady, ever! That must be quite a shock to be done working so much earlier than you had anticipated. I am sorry that you won’t be able to continue the school year with your sweet class of kids, and I know that must be hard. But I am so glad that you and your baby are healthy, and that you will get more rest this way! Imagine all the things you can do with that extra time! Long naps, going to the zoo, blogging, cooking–what fun! You deserve the extra rest, mama! Declan’s hair is just so adorable! Oh my goodness, what a little sweetie. I love that it sticks straight up. I’m so glad you took a trip to the beach. Enjoy it for those of us who are in land-locked Nebraska. 🙂 My favorite vacation plans always revolve around beaches.

  2. Thanks, Bethany! You were an incredibly cute pregnant woman, too! All pregnant glow. 🙂 And YES – I have so much time now that I’m trying to narrow down what is a priority and not let the overwhelm of too many options prevent me from action.

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