Baby #2 Pregnancy Update: Week 29

Due Date:  December 1st

Gender: Waiting to be surprised!

Eating/Craving: Dillon found these gluten-free ice cream cones the other day and he bought me some mint chocolate chip ice cream to go along with them. So I’ve been having lots of mint chip ice cream cones. My sister and I used to eat them like crazy growing up and it’s been fun reliving the past a little bit. Also, mint is supposedly harmful to mama’s milk supply, so I went without mint anything while breastfeeding Declan. I am going to soak up all the minty things before this next baby gets here.

Mama Physically:
Feeling great! Lots of resting and lots of naps. I’m back to going on daily walks, back to cleaning the house, and back to normal speed. Well, normal 7 months pregnant speed.

Mama Emotionally:
I went to pre-register at the hospital the other day, and there was a mommy getting ready to go home with her newborn baby and I lost it. Joyful tears came out of nowhere and I was flooded with happy memories of bringing Declan home and just in awe that God has blessed us again and that we’re going to get to bring home another tiny little baby.

The second pregnancy is different because…
This baby is more of a ninja. Declan moved a good amount, but this little nugget gets aggressive! At nighttime while I’m reading in bed, this baby wakes up and gets to moving! Sometimes slightly painful jabs. But I am in no way complaining, I am loving feeling the elbows and knees and feet. Keep the kicks coming sweet baby. Keep growing strong.

What’s New With Baby #1?  Declan – 11 months old
Declan has begun to make this stink face. A face he makes when he’s upset. It’s really cute and ugly. He bites his teeth down into a big underbite, kind of makes his mouth go sideways, and squints his eyes closed. Sometimes there’s sound effects as he tries to express himself. It usually happens when he is not so happy about something. I have to get this face captured on film.

With Baby #2, something I’ll do differently is…
These pregnancy updates! With Declan, I didn’t do any kind of weekly updates. I’m loving the updates because my world seems busier now and it gives me a chance to direct all my attention to this pregnancy before it flashes by me.

With Baby #2, something I’ll do the same is…
I can’t think of a same, so I’m putting another different. Last time the hospital asked if we wanted newborn photos done, and Dillon and I went to our first reaction of, are they free? How much are they? Anyway, we passed on having the hospital take photos because I didn’t want to deal with paying for them or getting ready or having another interruption. With this baby however, I was reading the paperwork for the photos when I pre-registered this week, and they say it only takes 20 minutes and that we are under no obligation to buy the photos. So I think I will take them up on it this time. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to take photos and I want to make sure to at least get a couple good ones at the hospital.

Bump Photo at 29 Weeks

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