Baby #2 – Pregnancy Update: Week 30

This week of pregnancy can be defined by two words: nesting and cereal.

I’ll talk about the cereal first because that one is quick. Dillon wanted some cereal, so I bought him a big jug of milk and a box of cereal. He made it look so yummy that I proceeded to finish the box myself and go buy two more. I’ve been loving cereal this week. I can’t get too many bowls of it. Prior to this week, I haven’t had a bowl of cereal all year. Baby must like cereal.

Now for the nesting. I have been in nesting mode all week. My closet is organized. Clothes no longer worn are being donated. Clothes no longer in good shape have been tossed. Teacher work clothes that aren’t currently necessary are folded and stacked nicely out of sight. My closet consists of only clothes that I can currently wear being 30 weeks pregnant. Getting dressed in the morning has been so much easier. I have a loose capsule wardrobe. I may go in and thin it down so more just for the fun of it.

I mopped and hand scrubbed our kitchen floor. I know this may not seem like a big deal, just a basic chore that most people do. But I can count on one hand the amount of times I have mopped the kitchen floor since we bought the house 2 years ago. That’s icky, I know. The floor was pretty bad and I finally had the excited urge to clean it and scrub it and make it shiny. I put on some Billy Currington music, or Alexa did for me, and just cleaned and scrubbed. The whole ordeal took four hours because I needed food and resting breaks.

The bathrooms, minus the showers, got deep cleaned this week. Showers are on my list for next week.

Dillon rented a shampooer last weekend and cleaned the carpet. It looked so much better after he finished, but it didn’t last long. Mattie, our miniature Australian Shepard, has mostly black hair and has been shedding a lot. You can tell where she has been in the house by spotting her hair on the carpet. Normally we let it go for a few days or a week, but not this week. I’ve been vacuuming the house everyday to keep up with Mattie’s shedding. I love looking at clean carpet.

I’ve finally hung up pictures that have been resting on the floor against the wall for quite a while.

The kitchen has been DIRTY DISH FREE every single night this week. I wash every dish by hand and place them in the dishwasher to dry. Normally the dishes stay there for a while, but I’m happy to say the dishwasher has been emptied each night and every dish has got to spend the night its happy little home.

I’ve done about eight loads of laundry this week.

I can’t look around our home and not think about what I want to do with small spaces. I am ready to make this house the perfect welcome nest for Baby #2. Last year, when I nested during Declan’s pregnancy, I went out to Michaels and bought a huge cart full of fall decorations and stuck them up around the house.

This year, I have already put all those fall decorations back out (or… some of them may have been out all year…) so I can really focus in on the cleaning portion of nesting. I want my home clean, clean, clean.

Since I got put on disability very early in this pregnancy, I have a lot more time to focus on nesting and I want to make the most of it. I am creating a weekly cleaning schedule that will hopefully allow our home to stay at a decent level of clean continuously.

This week was also Dillon’s first week at a great new job. I’m so proud of him and this job is a huge, God’s-perfect-timing blessing for our little growing family.

This week was also Declan’s last week of daycare, so I have had the house to myself which of course makes cleaning easier.

This is Declan’s last week of daycare because we decided it would be best for him to stay home with me. I started to get really unhappy thinking about him being in daycare now that I’m at home. It was important that I let my body rest and recover from getting so sick, so I took three weeks guilt free to do that. I am now ready to take on the role of being a full time pregnant, stay-at-home mommy. With maybe the occasional day of daycare. Declan really likes playing with other kids. Mommy is fun, but he loves playing with his daycare friends, mostly 2 -3 year olds. One little girl there loves him so much I know she will be heartbroken when he doesn’t come on Monday. Each time I come to pick him up, she is standing in the background with her sad big eyes looking straight at me. She must like to think of herself as his mommy.

I am really happy with how our home is starting to look. I want to maintain this level of clean and never fall into the ick level of dirty in any room. I’d love any suggestions for creating a cleaning routine!

I have also done a lot of resting still this week. Dillon is so sweet and makes sure to remind me to take it easy. I have no doubt he loves coming home to a clean house, but he’d rather me feel good than have a dishes free kitchen.  In between the chores I make sure to listen to my body. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are thankfully built in resting periods. I’ve become a really slow eater (except when baby Declan is around and wants all my food) so each mealtime gives me the opportunity to rest and enjoy some TV time.

Week 30 of pregnancy was crazy productive. And now only 9 weeks left before we become a family of five! Mattie is a family member, of course.

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  1. I so feel your pain about the dog hair in the carpet. It’s the WORST. I have two small dogs and I didn’t think they’d shed with their short little hairs but they do. If you don’t have one yet a great investment is a long-handled rubber squeegee broom. I think it’s like $15 – $20 on Amazon. For some reason dog hair is crazy attracted to rubber so it’ll pull up all the deep settled dog hair and you can then vacuum it up. 🙂
    Ashley LaMar recently posted…The Nightly Routine You Need for an Easier MorningMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the tip, Ashley! I may have to invest in one because the vacuum does not get it all. Every few months my husband will shampoo the carpet and it is so disgusting how much more dog hair comes out of the carpet. We also have the lightest color tan for carpet, so it really starts to change with black dog hair!

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