Orange Room Progress: Closet Organization

My orange room was not baby friendly. Naturally Declan was drawn to the orange room. I knew immediately after watching him venture over to the bookshelf full of scrapbooking and sewing materials that I needed to put everything in the closet. I already had the white bookshelf and we got the black shelving from Costco for $20. Super pleased with how it turned out. Now Declan can come into my orange room with me and explore it somewhat safety. I still have some baby-proofing to go. Babies will just find anything they aren’t supposed to!

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Orange Room Progress: Paint It White

My orange room, as I call it, was designed to be my ultimate creative area. To sew, to write, to create. The color orange is supposed to spark creativity. It’s bright and happy. So I painted all the walls in the room orange. Orange is bright. Painting the whole room orange was a big error. The orange room did not spark creativity. The orange room was hard to breathe in. It was so so bright. I was James. You know, in the peach. It was not good.

But it took me a while to step back, let go of some pride, and admit that yes, it was a (rather obvious) mistake. I stood my ground for so long because I remember Dillon and others questioning my decorating brilliance, but they were right. It was too orange. Way too orange. So I took down the very few decorations I had added because I knew I had to change something. The room just felt awful to be inside of. 

I have major decorating anxiety so I am proud of myself for trying something bold. And thankfully, I have learned from my mistake. Paint isn’t permanent. It may seem like an obvious decorating mistake, but I had to paint an entire room orange to realize it’s just overkill. So I went back to Home Depot to find the right shade of white. I thought if I painted one wall white then the room would mellow out.

I was wrong. The room still glowed. The orange seemed to just get reflected off the white. So I repainted two walls white. Well, I painted one wall white. The room got neglected for a few weeks, I found out I was pregnant, so then I asked Dillon to paint the other wall because the fumes and smells were too much for this pregnant lady. #hallelujahforhusbands

With two walls back to white, the room no longer glowed! The orange is beautiful and my craft room is finally coming together. I can breathe again in the room.

Stay tuned for more orange room progress! Take a look back at other orange room posts here and here.

Do you have decorating anxiety? Have you ever made a big mistake in decorating? 

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