Church Learnin’ – Take Jesus With You

Two weeks ago my learnin’ about the King happened on my king size bed. We did not attend church. Instead, I watched a live feed of it on my cell phone. Going to church with a baby has been complicated. I have been utilizing the online live feed option for church on Sunday. I don’t love it, but it’s what is working for us right now.

The pastor preached on the idea of inviting Jesus into every part of our lives. Take Jesus with us to the grocery store, to work, to the couch, take him everywhere we go. The pastor asked us something along the lines of, if Jesus were to knock on your door, what would you need to change before he could come inside? 

Then he gave suggestions of what we might feel the need to change. Possibly changing what was being watched on TV. Maybe hiding a few magazines or posters. Cleaning up a big mess in the kitchen. Cleaning up what kind of language gets used. Stop gossiping.

This really got me thinking about what I would do differently throughout the day if I knew, at any moment, Jesus would knock on my door and want to spend time with my family. Would I be ready?

I quickly came to the conclusion, no. I would not be ready. Because I’m not even ready to open the door when the mailman rings the doorbell and drops off a package. And I almost always need a five minute heads up from Dillon if anyone is coming over to the house.

Why do I need a heads up? To get dressed.

I need a five minute warning to get dressed in presentable clothes. So if Jesus were to knock on my front door, I’d have to make him wait while I ran back to my closet to get dressed beyond my pajamas. Yikes.

I got a strong clear conviction to start putting more work into my mommy wardrobe. I have been very slack with getting dressed into real clothes since I’ve been staying home on maternity leave with Declan. He is now 3 months old so I am past the grace postpartum period where it didn’t matter what I was wearing because I just had a baby. 

Thank God, one of the blogs I follow, had recently posted about her Mom Uniform and she helped get my fashion sense inspired. I am not great with fashion but knew I could at least get dressed with comfy leggings and a button up. It’s comfy and it’s easy to breastfeed or pump in.

I went to Target and bought a few tops. I already have two pairs of leggings I love from when I was pregnant and pants just stopped being practical. On the war about whether or not leggings are pants, for me I can only wear them as pants if the shirt is long enough to cover my bottom. Otherwise I feel naked and on display. I also grabbed a nursing tank-top to wear underneath.

Easy and simple. And I have loved how uncomplicated getting dressed is now for around the house. I get to underthink getting dressed in the morning.

My clothes are not of huge importance, but I would hate to face Jesus at 2 in the afternoon and not have even bothered to get dressed for the day. Getting dressed also jump starts my day and is helping me get more done around the house and with Declan.

If Jesus knocked on your door, could you invite him in confidently to stay a while? Or is there something you’d feel the need to change or hide or stop doing completely? 


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  1. Katie, you look so cute in your mom uniform! This is SO important. I so easily can get “decision fatigue”. There are so many decisions that need to be made throughout the day, that I have found I am a lot more productive when I cut down on the amount of decisions I need to make. I shop at Aldi’s because there are less choices, I book our hotel on Hotwire, because it basically chooses the hotel for you. I am an over-researcher, an over-thinker, and a perfectionist so I can get caught up in making a perfect decision so easily! Just recently, I decided to streamline my outfit to teach college classes. Every morning I grab a variation of the same thing: a pair of nice jeans, my knee length boots, a sweater, and a piece of jewelry. I feel so much better about my mornings now that I don’t have to worry about digging out a skirt or slacks or finding those shoes or coordinating everything. Keep it simple. I have noticed, also, that the days I get up, and shower and dress down to my shoes that I am just a lot more positive and productive. I sure don’t do it every day, but the days that I do I feel so much better. I am all for building more “under thinking” into my life!! Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂
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  2. Thanks, Bethany!

    I love your work outfit! I agree completely, keep it simple! What I’m really trying to work on this year is going with my gut — I’ll think something and think great! But then I start to overthink it and suddenly get stuck in that decision fatigue. It’s a gross place to be for sure.

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