Church Learnin’ – Responsibility to Maintain

At church last Sunday, somewhere between breastfeeding Declan and sneaking peeks of him falling asleep in Daddy’s arms, I heard the pastor say, “God won’t give responsibility to irresponsible people.”  Most of the sermon I was distracted by the baby, but as soon as I heard that I wrote it down in the back of my Bible.

Because I want God to give me responsibility. I want to make a difference. I want to be trustworthy. But I know there are some areas in my life that I’ve been neglectful. Thankfully, I didn’t have to think over which one I’m supposed to tackle first because one of them immediately popped into my mind.

My craft room.

I have been so irresponsible with maintaining that area of our house. It’s an embarrassment for Dillon and me. When people take a tour of our house I’ve stopped making excuses for the mess. “There’s no excuse,” I say. “It’s messy and it’s my fault.” It’s the room where all my hobbies go to die. I dread walking into it and try not to look in it when I’m walking past it in the hallway. It almost has it’s own dreary theme song.

As I write, I’m sitting in here now and my desk is so cluttered I can hardly find a safe place to put my drink. I bought a new pair of scissors from Wal*Mart yesterday because I can’t find any except my fabric scissors. And fabric scissors ain’t for nothin’ but fabric.

My craft room started out as this great dream project of mine. When we bought the house, Dillon got the garage to play with and I got one room in the house to play with. He painted his blue and that inspired me to paint mine orange. Then I picked out sheer white curtains and Dillon hung them up for me.  War Room had come out fairly recently, so I was excited to put up huge framings of some of my favorite worship lyrics. It was going to be the ultimate prayer, sewing, reading, and writing space. I was going to have craft parties in it.

Instead I have a cluttered, depressingly messy room. Walking in that room is a hazard. My scissors might be on the floor somewhere. Every once in a while I’ll hear Dillon call out from that room in frustration, “where’s your scotch tape?” And I have to answer back, “uhh….I don’t know. Good question.” That room is definitely not baby friendly. I can barely find space on the floor for Delcan’s bouncy chair. And all the hobbies I love — sewing, scrapbooking, writing, etc… just don’t happen very often in a space that is so uninviting.

Well. It’s time to clean it out. Once and for all.

I really don’t want my only assignment from God to be clean your room. 

Stayed tuned for updates and a makeover reveal!

Is there something in your life that you have been irresponsible about?  Start tackling it today to make room for greater assignments! 

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  1. Solidarity on all of this! For so long we lived in complete messiness. I hate to think about it. There were always dirty dishes, dirty laundry, and stuff everywhere. Since our apartment has one big common room that serves as a living room/kitchen/dining room/office when someone walked in and saw that one big room full of clutter and mess I would just turn bright red, and cringe. For so long I felt like my husband and I should be both working to clean up, so if he wasn’t going to, I wouldn’t either. That was such a selfish attitude, and I eventually realized that the mess was a heart issue. I couldn’t control him, but I could control myself. I started listening to podcasts, and now it is just second nature to spend time every day cleaning. I have actually—GASP—begun to LOVE cleaning every day. I light a candle, put on my apron, turn on a podcast and get after it. It feels cathartic now, which is HUGE for me. Hubs has started spending more time pitching in too! I didn’t realize how good it would feel to always have clean laundry, a neat kitchen, and things generally picked up.

    If you do tidy up your room please do post pictures! I love the color of the walls, and it would feel so good to get it tidy! You go girl! You can do it!
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  2. It really can be a heart issue! I love the idea of a candle and apron. Good job on keeping up with the daily chores!

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