Day In The Life: 10-19-17

Before starting my own blog, I loved reading posts that featured a typical Day In the Life of the writer. There’s magic to be found in regular, everyday moments. I believe Day In the Life started with Ali Edwards as a way to scrapbook and I love the idea. With another baby on the way, I know these last few weeks with just Declan are pretty precious. I also know my memory is probably going to get even worse once the new baby comes and I don’t want to forget these incredible, ordinary days.

The day I tackled the project was a Thursday.

5:30 AM – Wake Up – I start to hear Declan make nosies on the baby monitor, aka Baby TV, and slowly turn on some lights. Before going to get him out of bed, I premake him a bottle of formula and make myself a piece of butter toast and scarf down a tangelo. I’m currently 8 months pregnant so I need a quick bite of energy before I get him out of his crib. By this time in the morning, Dillon has already left for work so it’s just Declan and me. And Mattie, our miniature Aussie. 

6:00 AM – Bottle – We sit together on the couch and Declan drinks his morning bottle while I eat my morning toast and scroll though Instagram on my phone.

6:30 AM –  For as long as he shows interest, Declan plays in the living room. I go back and forth with playing with him and reading blogs on my phone. For whatever reason, Declan does awesome at independent morning play when Daddy is on watch, but I have a harder time getting him to play by himself in the morning. Probably, I’m the fun parent. 😉

6:50 AM – Independent play time is over and we migrate to the master bedroom where Declan will find new toys to play with while I make the bed, get dressed, quickly do my hair, and tidy up the bedroom if needed.  This is also when the sun begins to  shine through the windows, so Declan helps Mommy turn off all the lights.

7:20 AMBreakfast Time –  I quickly cook Declan some breakfast while he plays in his highchair with a spatula or some other kitchen tool. Breakfasts usually consists of fruit and an egg. Today was half a banana, some blueberries, some raspberries, and a scrambled egg. His new favorite food is raspberries so I add in a couple extra. I finish off his banana and make myself a quick bowl of cereal once he is eating. I ask Alexa, our amazon music player, to play some Christian music. We eat our breakfast while listening to a little bit of worship.

7:50 AM – No picture for this block of time, but we clean up from breakfast and go to Declan’s room to play some more and get Declan dressed for our morning walk. It’s been chilly out in the mornings, so we gets bundled up.

8:10 AM – Morning Walk  With a fully stocked stroller (phone, baby toys, dog poop bags, mail keys,  dog leash, garage door opener, pepper spray) we head out of the house for our much needed morning outdoor time. Depending on how I’m feeling, we will go anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Mommy and Baby have matching grey beanies!  Mattie, our miniature Aussie, is in the corner of the photo. She knows when we are about to go on our walk because I put shoes on and I only put shoes on when we are going someplace. 

8:30 AM – 1st Naptime of the Day-  After our walk, Declan will get a diaper change, possibly an outfit change if weather permits, swaddled up, and drink a small bottle. I will rock him or bounce him until he falls asleep. The first nap is the easy one and he’s usually out within two minutes or less.

During Declan’s first nap, I vary what I do each day. I make it a priority to eat a second breakfast. A bowl of cereal is not a great breakfast, so I use this time to make something more substantial and nutritious for myself. I turn on Netflix and enjoy my second breakfast while Declan sleeps. I also try to make sure the dishes are done, the house is tidy, and may do a few small chores around the house. Right before it’s time to wake the baby up, I give the house a quick vacuum. I try to give myself some grace during this time to rest if I need to and not worry too much about being overly productive. Just eat, wash dishes, and vacuum. Anything else is a bonus!

9:40 AMWake up the baby. Declan only sleeps for one hour for his first nap to ensure that he will take a second nap. If I let him sleep too far past 9:30, he won’t be tired enough for a second nap until 2:30 or later and that is creeping up too closely on his 5:30 -6:00 bedtime. We hang out in his bedroom and read a few books to help him slowly wake up. Flip books right now are his favorite.

10:20 AM – Declan plays in his room while I clean up his room, build up block towers to be knocked over, daydream, or read blogs on my phone. He will get a second 6 oz bottle around this time.

11:00 AM – Outdoor playtime! Now that the weather isn’t so hot, we head to the backyard for some much needed fresh air and sunshine. Declan gets super excited, as does Mattie, when I open the sliding back door. He gets a big smile on his face and picks his speed up as he heads outside for his new adventures. We play a lot of fetch during this time. I love Mattie most during outdoor playtime because she helps me redirect the baby if he’s heading in the wrong direction. I love to tell her, “Come on, Mattie! Help me parent!”  The older he gets, the more they play together. Declan will throw the toys for Mattie or place the ball directly in her mouth. I’ve also noticed his crawling, standing, and walking skills seem to grow the most while he is outside exploring. He is fully walking now, but before when he was learning how to stand, he was the boldest with his attempts when we were outside playing.  He is also bold with eating dirt and rocks, so I do a lot of baby chasing during this time of the day.

11:50 AM – Lunch time! I cook Declan some lunch, this day it was ground beef, yellow squash, and zucchini. If he finishes lunch and seems hungry still, I will add in some more fruit, some puffs, or some baby food. He is mostly feeding himself but occasionally I will need to give him some baby food when lunch is light.  I need some energy boost at this time of the day so I have Alexa play some Billy Currington or Dierks Bentley music. I also don’t eat a real lunch right now, I just grab something quick like a second bowl of cereal or cheese stick and fruit.

12:00 PM – After lunch, Declan goes to play some more and explore the house. We dance together, play chase, play independently, play with Mattie, read a book, go swinging in the front yard, go on a playdate, or explore the rooms of the house. Whatever seems to keep his interest and get his energy out. This is also when we may do an out of the house trip, but most days we stay at home.

12:30 PM – Second Naptime of the Day – This nap is more of a struggle. If he only slept one hour in the morning, he will be ready three hours later for his second nap. But if I let him sleep longer than one hour, he won’t be tired enough for a second nap. He has his naptime routine of diaper change, swaddle, small bottle, and then I rock or bounce him until he falls asleep. This nap usually takes about 10 minutes to get him asleep, but sometimes it feels a lot longer…

12:40 PM – I use this time to make myself a real lunch. Most likely leftovers from dinner which is fine by mine! Less cooking! I don’t understand the hate of leftovers — I just love them.

2:00 PM – Declan starts to wake up. We read another flip book, he is obsessed, and play some more. Most days we will go on a second outside walk, in Declan’s cool new toy that I push him in, while we wait for Daddy to come home.

3:10 PM – Yay, Daddy’s home! One of my favorite parts of the day is when we hear Daddy’s diesel truck driving down the street. Mattie hears it first and alerts to the rest of us he is on the block.

3:30 PM – Declan gets another bottle after daddy comes home and they take some time to relax and watch Declan’s favorite movie, Moana. I adore watching TV while resting on Dillon, too.

The rest of the night was a little off from our typical day. This was a Thursday and we went camping from Friday through Sunday so we had a lot of camping prep and trailer packing to do. I don’t have any pictures of the rest of the night, but I’ll write down what a regular day looks like.

Declan plays with mommy and daddy until dinner time, about 5:10. He eats his dinner before we eat ours while I typically clean the kitchen and Dillon works on making dinner for us. We eat dinner once Declan has gone to bed and it is a fabulous part of the night. One day we will eat dinner back at the table as a family, but right now it is really great to get some alone time eating dinner with just Dillon.

Around 5:30 Declan takes a bath with either mommy or daddy and then gets in his pajamas, drinks a final small bottle, hears a little story and then off to bed by 6:00 PM.

This is typically when Dillon and I high five each other, get our dinner finalized, and settle down to eat while watching one of our shows, currently catching up on This Is Us or Amazing Race. Long gone are the nights of staying up late, so we limit our TV to one episode and then prep for the next day. I clean up the kitchen from dinner, make a PB&J for Dillon’s lunch tomorrow, and we head to bed around 8:00 PM.

These days are simple but so full of sweet moments. I adore the little rhythm our little family has made.


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