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Hi and Welcome Everyone! My name is Katie Mowdy and here are a few pieces of my story.

The most important piece of my story is that I am a Christian who’s been saved by grace.

Another important piece is that I haven’t always been a Christian. Not long ago, I used to be so far from God that whenever someone would pray I’d get the nervous giggles. Jesus was less real than Santa in my opinion. I would proudly wear an I Believe shirt of Santa around Christmas, but divert my eyes from the Jesus Is The Reason For the Season saying I was a lost soul singing Silent Night because it was a pretty pretend Christmas song and nothing else. God found me when I didn’t even realize I was lost. And that has been the ultimate game changer for my life.

I am a very happily married wife. Dillon is the best husband I could have dreamed up.


We got married Valentine’s Day of 2015 and our one year of marriage has been full. Full of love and some bitterness. Full of sin and forgiveness. Full of trips to overpriced grocery stores and full of home-cooked gluten-free meals. Full of tears and (too much) Netflix.  Full of puppy kisses and moving boxes.

We are also expecting our little pumpkin to arrive this October, and as the picture shows, I am a public school teacher.

22 weeks pregnant

On School Rock Wall

I’ve been teaching the 2nd grade for five years. My classroom has a giant teddy bear and lots of chapter books. The Boxcar Children never gets old. I became a teacher to try and create a classroom full of fun. Teaching has its good moments for sure, but some days I do a Google search of  “How I Quit My Teaching Job Midyear.”

I’m also a mama of two black-and-whites. Jewel Lee, cat, was mine before we got married. She is warming up to Dillon and thankfully has stopped peeing on all his stuff!

JewelsLee Mattie Bed

Mattie, a mini Australian Shepard, is the newest addition to the Mowdy family. She’s a total daddy’s girl. Mattie can do no wrong.  Mama and Daddy love her to pieces. She’s the best dog in the whole world.

Mattie FootBall Beach

I drive my husband’s huge fancy truck and probably have chocolate (melted and messy) in my overstuffed purse. I live in central California in the house my husband and I recently bought! Owning a house has taught me I am not good at decorating and it overwhelms me. So far, I’ve just painted a room orange. But I know I need to start making this house into a home.


One of the main reasons I am writing is because my heart aches for women, who like myself, can become easy prey for Satan without even realizing it. I’ve believed so many deceptions the devil has laid out for me, the most devastating of which brought me to an abortion clinic four years ago.  I plan on writing more about my abortion, to shed some light on a very dark subject. I’m positive the devil cheered at his victory that day. He thought he would have my life after that. And so did I.

Was blind, but now I see. 

Thankfully, that’s where my savoir comes in. I have a story of healing to share, one that can hopefully help other women. God has used that mistake to open my eyes, to wake me up. His word promises good from even the most awful of situations. I am done being duped by the devil. The enemy has taken too many precious things from me and wasted too much of my time. I am ready to put on God’s armor and live the life Jesus died so I could have.

Rescued Princess is my place to give glory to God. It will also be my place to share my latest hobby adventures, life updates, and who knows what else. But I’m excited. And I’d love for you to join me.

With love,


Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” – John 8:12

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