My Magical Week Due Date

This baby’s due date is December 1st. I previously wrote about Declan’s haunted due date, and well, this baby’s due date is not haunted, but it is significant. December 1st is significant because it falls in the days transitioning from Thanksgiving to December. That week is hands down my favorite week of the year for about a thousand different, legit reasons. It’s a truly magical week.

It’s the week where Christmas is officially coming.

It’s the week where no cooking takes place because the fridge is full of delicious Thanksgiving leftovers.

It’s the week to have pumpkin pie for breakfast.

Perhaps that week we go Christmas tree hunting and the house begins to smell like Christmas. Perhaps we turn on the fireplace and hang up the Christmas stockings while drinking a cup of hot chocolate in a big red mug.

It’s the week radio stations start to play Christmas music. Shoppers find great deals on Black Friday. The neighbors are outside hanging up their Christmas lights and the neighborhood begins to light up at night in celebration of Jesus’ Birthday.

It’s the week people get into the holiday spirit. It’s no longer weird to see Christmas decorations at every store. Christmas cards start arriving in the mail. It’s the week I’ll bring out all the Christmas books and read How The Grinch Stole Christmas to Declan at bedtime, who will of course be wearing some type of holiday pajamas.

When I first did the google search for a due date calculator and December popped up, I was a bit unsure. December is already a busy month. But God knows exactly what he is doing. I absolutely adored having a Fall baby last year and now I get a little Winter baby! Next year Spring baby?? Just kidding, that’s not mathematically possible.

I am overjoyed to add into this magical week the due date of our next baby.

How great would it be if the hospital is decorated for Christmas!?

When was your baby’s due date? Was there something significant to you about that date? 

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  1. I bet the hospital will have Christmas decor! What a fun thought! All these pictures have suddenly made me really excited for this autumn/winter season. It has been so incredibly hot and humid here this summer–with record-breaking heat–that cozy sweaters, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin pie sound very appealing right now. I think it would be so neat if you could have a baby in every season: you just have spring and summer left! Everyone cautioned me about how hard a summer pregnancy would be, but it really hasn’t been that bad (thanks, in a big part, to air conditioning). I can’t stay in the heat for very long without it wiping me out for a few days–but other than that, it has been great! Having a December baby will be so fun, because if you get together with family or friends for Christmas you will have a new, snuggly baby to pass around and enjoy. So many exciting things ahead for you!
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  2. It has been so hot here, too. Over 100 for about a month straight. Yes, AC makes summer pregnancy not too bad, plus swimming has been really helpful for me. I think each season has it’s pros and cons for being pregnant or having a baby. It’s funny you mentioned passing around a new baby for everyone to enjoy… I was good about sharing Declan with family members, but now that I know how quickly the newborn stage moves, I hope I still share!

    Ha ha, just kidding. I will need all the help I can get 🙂

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