November Reset

November 1st is a perfect day to start a much needed reset. In one month, or less(!), our little family will be growing by one human. And I do not feel ready. I feel rushed for time. I feel anxious. I feel like I have a to-do list that just isn’t getting done. And… I know why.

My phone.

I got a new iPhone 7 plus a few weeks ago when my old phone died and it’s HUGE and has a fun glitter case and I love it. I love it so much I spend way way way too much time touching it. I check blogs. Then check them again. I check Instagram. And then I check it again. And I check my e-mail that never gets anything important. I check my work e-mail even though I’m on disability. When I run out of things to check, I just start scrolling through all my photos and videos looking at old photos of Declan or even as far back as Dillon and my engagement photos. Suddenly many minutes of my day have been sucked away into nothing.  Precious minutes I should have spent doing something more meaningful or beneficial.

I need a major break from my phone.

I still need it to communicate. And since it’s my camera and video recorder, I still want to have it close by to capture whatever new or cute thing Declan is doing. But I need a major reset this month. The first obvious step for my reset is to delete Instagram off my phone for the next month. It’s the biggest reason why I check my phone so much. I will miss seeing fun photos and stories of my family and friends’ lives and babies, but I need to spend November preparing myself and my family for our new baby.

It is too challenging, with both hands holding a phone, to get much else done.

I have thought about just limiting my time on Instagram, to say, 10 minutes at night… but I know myself. That wouldn’t work.

It’s gotta be a cold turkey break from Instagram for this November Reset.


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