Orange Room Progress: Paint It White

My orange room, as I call it, was designed to be my ultimate creative area. To sew, to write, to create. The color orange is supposed to spark creativity. It’s bright and happy. So I painted all the walls in the room orange. Orange is bright. Painting the whole room orange was a big error. The orange room did not spark creativity. The orange room was hard to breathe in. It was so so bright. I was James. You know, in the peach. It was not good.

But it took me a while to step back, let go of some pride, and admit that yes, it was a (rather obvious) mistake. I stood my ground for so long because I remember Dillon and others questioning my decorating brilliance, but they were right. It was too orange. Way too orange. So I took down the very few decorations I had added because I knew I had to change something. The room just felt awful to be inside of. 

I have major decorating anxiety so I am proud of myself for trying something bold. And thankfully, I have learned from my mistake. Paint isn’t permanent. It may seem like an obvious decorating mistake, but I had to paint an entire room orange to realize it’s just overkill. So I went back to Home Depot to find the right shade of white. I thought if I painted one wall white then the room would mellow out.

I was wrong. The room still glowed. The orange seemed to just get reflected off the white. So I repainted two walls white. Well, I painted one wall white. The room got neglected for a few weeks, I found out I was pregnant, so then I asked Dillon to paint the other wall because the fumes and smells were too much for this pregnant lady. #hallelujahforhusbands

With two walls back to white, the room no longer glowed! The orange is beautiful and my craft room is finally coming together. I can breathe again in the room.

Stay tuned for more orange room progress! Take a look back at other orange room posts here and here.

Do you have decorating anxiety? Have you ever made a big mistake in decorating? 

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  1. Well I, for one, love the thought of painting this room orange to spark creativity! That, in of itself, is a sign that you, my dear, are an artist. I am all about color on the walls, and I think it is awesome that you took such a bold risk! It is totally okay, though, to decide to try something different. That is the awesome thing about paint! We are living in a rental, and I cannot wait for the day when we live in our own home, and I can go wild with paint! I am super excited to see what this room ends up looking like. You got this, girl!
    Bethany Lotulelei recently posted…How to Handle a Big Change: on becoming a stay-at-home momMy Profile

  2. Thank you, Bethany! I will hopefully get working hard on this room when school and new baby comes! My dream goal would be to have it mostly done before baby arrives. Painting it half white has made such a big difference.

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