Peace Stealers

With a brand new baby about to join our family, I want to be intentional to make our home a peaceful one. I really don’t know what to expect with a newborn. I’ve read a lot of advice from other blogs and listened to a lot of mom stories, but having a baby seems like one of those experiences you have to have for yourself. Every baby is different and will bring a different dynamic to each family. Welcoming a new member to the family will require an adjustment period. Even when we got a puppy there was an adjustment. I don’t expect everything to be perfect and I don’t want to set our family up for that kind of high expectation. However, what I do want is to be proactive about keeping a peaceful home.

I want our home to be a place where my husband can’t wait to come back to after a long day at work. I don’t want him to dread coming home or prefer to stay at work. I want our home to be a place where people feel welcomed, comfortable, and loved. I was watching a Joyce Meyer sermon on Youtube the other morning and she was teaching on peace. She was teaching how Jesus left his peace with us.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

So why can it be so difficult to find or maintain peace in our lives? Or how can one thing come along and suddenly shake away the peace we had? Her advice to have a more consistently peace filled life was to first make a list of the peace stealers in your life. Then take actionable steps to deal with them.

I asked my husband to also make a list of what his peace stealers were. I knew I was reaching with that request because Dillon is not a list maker and does not get any kind of thrill out of a good list the way I do. In fact, we only came up with 5 for him. And I thought of most of them. Where as for me, I easily came up with about 20 and decided to narrow it down.

10 of My Peace Stealers – In No Particular Order

  1. Dirty Dishes

    Especially if the dishes are older than one day. Dishes do not take that long to wash. If more than 30 minutes of TV was watched and there are two day or three day or four day (yikes!) old dishes in the kitchen, then time was not the problem, laziness was the problem.

  2. Being Late To Church or Skipping Altogether

    I won’t let myself be late to work, so I hate when I allow myself to be late to church. It’s not okay to be late. I get annoyed when people come in late during worship and I have to move to accommodate them. If I’m in the middle of a great worship song, with my eyes closed, and my hand raised, the last thing I want is a tap on the shoulder breaking me away from that moment and asking if I could move so they could squeeze by. I’m glad they made it to church, but worship is as equally as important to me as the sermon. I definitely lose my peace when we are late to church.

    Skipping church altogether also steals my peace for nearly all of Sunday. The enemy never wants us to make it to church and it can feel so easy to sleep in and make up excuses of why not to go. But I need to go. It fuels me in a way no other thing can. I love going to church.

  3. Too Much Screen Time

    Whether it be TV, computer, or phone. Or all three at once. (yikes again)

  4. Listening To A Complainer (Myself Included)

    Complaining is a huge peace stealer for me. I’m not talking about the occasional vent/advice session, but more the constant complaining that leads to no solution. I feel so drained after listening to someone complain or if I’m the one doing the complaining. I’ve gotten pretty good at telling myself to be quiet.

  5. Gossiping/Negative Talk About Others

    Even if it’s true, I shouldn’t repeat it and I always regret it immediately. I can feel myself turning so ugly on the inside.

  6. Getting Overloaded With Advice

    I am really learning how to put my faith in God and trust that he is with me each step of the way. It completely steals my peace when advice starts coming my way because it usually does not match up with my new motto of, I’m going to trust God to get me through each step of the way. I don’t need to know all twenty steps anymore. I can’t prepare for everything, nor do I want to.

  7. Not Being Firm In My Beliefs

    This goes back to caring too much what other people think. I’m much better at this than I was before, but I still need to work on not letting others influence my actions.

  8. Ignoring An Assignment From God

    When I know that I know that I know God told me to do something, say something, stop something, etc… but I keep putting it off I have minimum amounts of peace. Whatever the assignment may be, whether it’s as simple as stop watching that show or as big as start a blog, until I obey, I don’t have as much peace as I know is available.

  9. Pulling

    Most likely a few other things on my peace stealers list have come into play for this to become an issue.

  10. A Cluttered “Sorry About The Mess” Home

    When people come into our home, I lose so much peace if the first thing out our mouths is, “Sorry about the mess.” I want a home that is constantly ready to take in guests and I want my husband to know he can always bring people into our home without fear of what it looks like that day.

5 of My Husband’s Peace Stealers – In No Particular Order

  1. Spending Too Much Time Inside

    My husband does not do well if he has been stuck inside for too long. He needs to get out and go do something.

  2. Not Spending Time With Friends/Family

    He’s an extrovert, so he needs people to get refueled. I try to remember this and be encouraging when he goes out with friends. The husband I get back is charged up and more full of life.

  3. Toilet Paper Backwards

    Apparently I put the toilet paper on the wrong way. I didn’t realize there was a right way. Either way, it rolls and gets the job done, but I can try and figure out which way he prefers.

  4. Letting Bills Go Two Months

    I’m in charge of some bills and will occasionally let them go for two months if there’s not a late fee. A bad habit that is easy to fix.

  5. No Free Day

    Dillon’s alarm wakes up him Monday – Friday around 4:45 A.M. He really likes to have at least one day on the weekend where he doesn’t have to live by the clock.

After looking at our peace stealers lists, I’m seeing a lot of potential peace problems with a newborn. Free days and no dirty dishes sound like things of the past for a while. But that’s why the lists exists. We can recognize what each other may need to feel a little bit more at peace during this transition for our family. I know that if I see my husband losing it, he may just need to go out somewhere and recharge. If he sees me losing it, and notices the kitchen exploded, he can attack the dishes until we have a clean, workable kitchen again.

With that being said, having a newborn is going to completely redefine our lives. One of my goals as a new mother will be to not miss out on the moments because I too distracted by the other stuff.  I want to be a Mary not a Martha. So even if all my peace stealers come at me at once and the kitchen is messy, we skipped church, the floor is hardly walkable with all the clutter everywhere, and people come by and have no place to sit, I still have access to peace Jesus left with us. It’s up to me whether or not I choose to embrace peace in the midst of chaos. I can focus on what is good instead of letting my peace stealers run my life.

What are some of the peace stealers in your life? Are there things you can do to change them?


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Our DIY Maternity Photoshoot

I would have loved to have professional pictures of this special time in our marriage. But, I have not done enough with our engagement/wedding photos and I could not justify spending money on more professional photos.

Instead, I decided our backyard would be great. I love using our fence as a backdrop for photos. I brought out some fall decorations, our selfie stick, and this was the result. My husband is cleverer than I am, and realized we can take the remote off the selfie stick. So if you look closely, or sometimes it’s pretty obvious, either him or I have the remote in our hand taking the photos. Here are some we captured. Enjoy!


Maternity Photo -Ants

In this photo I’m being attacked by red ants and Dillon is trying to get Mattie girl to jump up for the photo. Action shot.

pumpkin belly

I was pretty terribly at hiding the remote. Oops!

Maternity Photo all 3

Introducing Mattie to the Baby Bump. She really hates being carried and gets all awkward.

Maternity Photo Mattie Jump

“It’s a ball! Oh wait, it’s just a pumpkin.”

(Behind the scenes tidbit – her tennis ball is on the fence too, but she’s covering it up in this photo. Once we saw how high she was getting we decided to stop immediately before Baby Girl learned to jump the fence…)

It’s crazy to think about how our next photo session will have Baby Mowdy in it. Actually most photos from here on out will probably have Baby Mowdy in them. Now that I’m home all day, I send Dillon at least one picture of Mattie a day. I’m sure he’s prepared for me to be blowing-up his phone with even more photos.

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Why I Love My “Haunted” Due Date

Pumpkin Due Date

“When was the first day of your last period?” she asked me.

“December 31st.”   It was easy to remember because Dillon, Mattie, and I were camping for New Years. It’s always fun getting your period on vacation at a campsite.

“Ok, that would mean your baby’s due date is,” she paused for a moment as she typed in the information to the nifty due-date calculator, “October 6th.” 

“October 6th?” I asked for clarification.

“Yup,” she smiled. “It’ll be here before you know it.”

October 6th. October 6th. October 6th. Don’t panic, Katie. October 6th?

I glanced over at Dillon for a minute as if to say with my facial expression, that’s a pretty slim chance! Is this okay? But he didn’t seem phased by the date October 6th like I was. I had a million thoughts going through my mind. Is that a bad thing? A good thing? What does that mean? Should I get upset? Am I upset? October 6th has been a date on the calendar that brings me back to one of the most difficult seasons in my life. It’s one of those dates so full of pain that no matter how many years go by you can still remember so clearly how the events played out. I can very clearly remember all the terrible images and hear the terrible sounds that happened one year on October 6th because October 6th is the day my mother ended her life.

My baby’s due date is my mom’s death date.

Definitely not the most devastating news to find out at the doctor’s office, but I had to decide for me personally if I was going to let this molehill become a mountain. I am happy to say I fairly quickly decided no. It initially shook me, but I was not going to let this become a thing.

And then the more I thought about it, the more excited I got about it. If I wasn’t so awkward at it, I would have winked at God because here’s what I realized.

God can and does give new life to all things.  Even a date on the calendar. Yes, many years ago on October 6th, my family came home and our lives changed forever. October 6, 1997 instantly changed my nine-year old self. It flooded me with new fears that I hadn’t known before. It was not a good day in my life.

But that is in the past. October 6th doesn’t forever have to be something that affects me so negatively. God took that date and now October 6th has become one of the most happily anticipated dates of my life. Our Baby may be arriving October 6th! That’s a pretty miraculous make-over to the previously death stained October 6th.

Baby Mowdy’s expected arrival is bringing new life where death once was.  Thank God. 

Another reason I love our haunted due date is because it let me take a stand against the enemy. I could have chosen to dwell in the sadness and past. I heard the enemy try to persuade me to take a stroll down ol’ self-pity lane. The enemy tried to get me to let my mind wonder and focus on the hurt instead of the happy. Well, nice try, devil, but I will not let this upset me or this pregnancy. I’ve come too far on my walk with God to let this bring me down.

I intend to enjoy this baby and pregnancy despite my past. I am so happy about our little October 6th pumpkin.

I couldn’t think of a better due date for this baby.



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Pregnancy Update

Still on maternity leave and still loving it. Here’s an update on to-do list. 

  • Prewash All of Baby’s Clothes, Blankets, and Towels   Everything is washed, hung up or folded, and ready to go. We really don’t have many clothes since we don’t know if Baby is a he or she.

  • Pack a Hospital Bag      I read a lot of Pinterest lists on what you actually need to bring to the hospital.  
  • Pack a Labor/Birth Food Bag  –  I have a bag in the refrigerator  and a bag in the pantry. Lots of snacks just incase the hospital doesn’t have great options. 
  • Decorate The Nursery, Slowly And Without Pressure  – Ummm, nothing has been added. Poor Baby won’t have a cute nursery like the other babies. That’s okay. 
  • Eat Dates  – Yes and no. They are super super sweet and I can only handle so many a day. 
  • Get truck washed and vacuumed   I took it to a car wash place and they found Dillon’s wedding ring that has been missing for a few months. I cleaned out the truck before I took it, so they are pretty thorough. He had already bought a replacement ring though. His rings are about $15 from Amazon.
  • Install carseat   Dillon did it.
  • Build bassinet     Dillon did it.
  • Build crib     Dillon did it.

build that crib

  • Rest whenever I feel like it  Oh, yes! I take a nap after lunch almost every day.
  • Sew boppy pillow covers I didn’t really care for any of the covers that are available in stores. They have a really limited selection. Etsy sells some really cute ones, but because they are handmade they are quite pricy. I panicked for a minute on what I would do, but then I remembered I know how to sew and have a ton of fabric waiting to be used up. My cover is not quite as tight as a store bought cover would be and I didn’t realize I cut the fabric so it would be upside down on the pillow when I’m nursing, but it’s good enough for Baby and me. I am super anxious to visit a fabric store and make some more. boppy pillow
  • Organize and clean out nursery   It’s not cute but it’s not cluttered. 😉 
  • Stock up the changing table 
  • Add fall decorations to the house   Yup. I had a very fun trip to Michaels.


  • Put up photos   – Sigh, not yet. I have hardly any photos of us throughout the house. I spent a good amount of money on our engagement/wedding photos and I need to display at least one.
  • Write out encouraging scriptures to read while in labor   I have them on post-its.
  • Watch all 10 days of Code Orange Revival    – So good. If you didn’t watch it, you can look them up on youtube or the Elevation Church app.
  •  Read –  I read every night before bed because I can’t fall asleep until about midnight or later (my afternoon naps) and Dillon needs to be in bed by 10 at the latest because he gets up so early for work.
  • Keep the house clean  – Super happy to say my house has been presentable all week long. Come on over surprise visitors because my kitchen is sparkly, the pillows are positioned, and all dog hair has been vacuumed up.
  • Enjoy/spoil Dillon  –  I can’t get enough of him right now. I hope and pray that I won’t turn on him during labor. I hope and pray that we will be kind to each other when the late nights are tough and the baby cries are loud.
    pumpkin belly

A friend of mine sent me a super cute picture like this one except I didn’t make the effort to get a real pumpkin from the store so I had Dillon use the fake small one I got from Michaels. Close enough! 

  • Trust God – Each and every day. Lead me Lord, keep me in your will.

Most everything that should be done before Baby arrives has been done. I am in no huge hurry yet for Baby to pop out. Baby is old enough now that anytime would be safe. We are as ready as we can be. Each week I get a little bit slower and the activities I used to do with ease are noticeably more challenging, but I have not reached the point where being pregnant is so uncomfortable I cannot stand another day.

At 39 weeks pregnant, I’m not really anxious to get a lot of errands done. Driving has become annoying for me because sitting in the driver’s seat makes it feel like Baby is crawling up my ribs, so I am not planning on doing very much. Instead, I am focusing on the following things until Baby joins the Mowdy family.

  • Eat to have strength for when labor comes
  • Rest to have strength for when labor comes
  • Walk to have strength for when labor comes 
  • Pray to have strength and wisdom and peace for when labor comes
  • Keep the house clean so I’m not upset or distracted when labor comes
  • Laugh and enjoy the ups and downs of being pregnant 
  • Savor these last few days as just husband and wife 

Basically my mind is focused on labor.


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Update On Maternity Leave To Do List

37 weeks

I tackled my to-do list the best this nine months pregnant woman could. My pregnancy, praise God, has been very smooth but this extra 27 pounds makes it a little more difficult to get around at my normal pace. I have minor complaints but nothing that is extreme or can’t be fixed with some couch time and Netflix.  The hardest thing I am facing right now is shopping at large stores. Yesterday at the grocery store I only spent $18 because I was so ready to leave.

So while I haven’t quite finished everything I would like to get done before baby arrives, I am feeling more confident by the progress I did make.

  • Buy All The Boring Baby Stuff
  • Finish Maternity Leave/Disability Paperwork 
  • Buy All the Gear I’ll Need for My Body’s Recovery After Birth 
  • Pre-Register At The Hospital
  • Return/Exchange/Donate Extra Baby Supplies 
  • Order a Breast Pump  
  • Possibly Take Maternity Photos – If So, Find An Outfit 
  • Keep the House Clean 
  • Finalize Baby Name Choices 
  • Prewash All of Baby’s Clothes, Blankets, and Towels
  • Pack a Hospital Bag  
  • Pack a Labor/Birth Food Bag 
  • Decorate The Nursery, Slowly And Without Pressure 
  • Eat Dates 

Adding to my to-do list this week —

  • Get truck washed and vacuumed 
  • Install carseat 
  • Build bassinet  
  • Build crib 
  • Rest whenever I feel like it 
  • Sew boppy pillow covers 
  • Organize and clean out nursery 
  • Stock up the changing table 
  • Add fall decorations to the house
  • Put up photos 
  • Write out encouraging scriptures to read while in labor 
  • Watch all 10 days of Code Orange Revival  
  • Continue to read
  • Continue to keep the house clean 
  • Continue to enjoy/spoil Dillon
  • Continue to trust God

A few of my to-dos are things I need Dillon’s help with or are just things that would be nice to get done if I have the energy. My main priorities are to pray for guidance, listen to what my body needs, love my husband, and keep my house clean for when baby comes home.

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BBQ and Baby Talk

BBQ & Baby Talk

I knew I did not want a typical baby shower at our house. I am not super great at being the center of attention. I start to sweat, get all hot, and my face turns red. In fact, before our BBQ began I made sure to pray and ask God to help me relax, remember the reason people are coming, and just enjoy the day.

Also, opening gifts in front of people makes me uncomfortable and I think I overdue my gratitude expressions to make sure the people know how much I appreciate the gifts. The thought of Dillon helping me open gifts sounded great! So I knew I wanted a co-ed shower for sure.

While I’m not a huge fan of being the center of attention in a large group of people, what I do love is having people over (for a set amount of time…#introvert), having people taste how great of a chef my husband is, and having one-on-one conversations with family members and friends. I also love showing off my big pregnant belly. Gaining weight may be my favorite thing so far about pregnancy. I keep telling Dillon, “I ain’t loosing the baby weight!” Although knowing my body, I imagine my extra weight will melt right off the day the baby is born.

BBQ Baby Showers are very popular right now, so I decided that it was the route I would like to take in celebrating sweet Baby Mowdy. Because it’s not about the gifts or the food or the decorations. God gifted my husband and I with a sweet baby and that little miracle should be celebrated among family and friends.

Card making

I love making invitations by hand with scrapbooking supplies. Luckily, I over bought scrapbooking supplies a few years ago and the only purchase I had to make for the invitations were the envelopes and blank cards. I made our wedding invitations and Christmas cards by hand, as well. I always look on Shutterfly and all those websites, but I can’t ever find one that feels right. What feels right is a huge scrapbooking paper mess spread out all over the living room.


I’m pretty fast and efficient when it comes to paper crafts, so it really isn’t that big of a undertaking. It also makes me feel productive while watching an episode of The Office on Netflix for the 4th time.

I always try to include a few things with each card I send out. I always stamp the back of the invitation with a Made With Love stamp I got off of Etsy. I also always wrap the envelope with washi tape. Where was washi tape when I was a kid? I would have washi taped EVERYTHING.

Since we weren’t going to play the typical baby shower games, but I still wanted our guests to have something to interact with, I set up three stations.

Guess Baby Mowdy’s Birthday


Most people participated in this one. Boy is definitely the popular vote and one week early is the popular date. This Mama still needs to write her guess down.

Advice For Mama and Daddy


Only 6 people did this. I wasted a lot of ink and washi tape… Oh well, it was super fun reading the ones that did fill it out.

Late Night Diapers


People didn’t really get into this one either. Oh well, but once again super fun to read the ones who did participate.

My step mother took a ton of photos on her camera, but I don’t have any of those yet. I only took one bathroom selfie after everyone had gone home.  Ignore the toilet… And I’m 34 weeks pregnant in this photo. 


Overall, our BBQ and Baby Talk was a great success. Dillon and I were beyond grateful for everyone who came and showered Baby will love.

Also, a  special shout out also to my Bible study group and co-workers, who each through me a baby shower also. Three parties to celebrate Baby was way more than this mama expected. I feel so loved and supported.



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Well, Hello There, Maternity Leave

I am now 36 weeks pregnant and officially on maternity leave! Can I get a hallelujah, can I get an amen?  🙂 

35 Weeks Pregnant

A huge weight has been lifted. If I am unable to get comfortable or sleep at all during the night, I have peace of mind that I can rest later instead of panicking about how I’ll make it through another work day. I can eat when I need to, pee when I need to, and lay down when I need to. I can also go barefoot which helps a lot with keeping any swelling down. I am so thankful for this maternity leave.

Baby Mowdy will be arriving in about 4 weeks (give or take) and even though this mama has had all summer to prep, we recently had our BBQ and Baby Showers, so now there’s a lot of unpacking and building to do. If baby arrives early we could find ways to manage, but I’m hoping Baby keeps baking so I can get things a little more in order.

Maternity Leave To Do List:

  • Buy All The Boring Baby Stuff –  We need to get a crib mattress, a bassinet for the bedroom, sheets, mattress pads, etc.
  • Finish Maternity Leave/Disability Paperwork 
  • Buy All the Gear I’ll Need for My Body’s Recovery After Birth – Women are tough.
  • Pre-Register At The Hospital
  • Return/Exchange/Donate Extra Baby Supplies 
  • Pack a Hospital Bag 
  • Decorate The Nursery, Slowly And Without Pressure  – We do not have a cute nursery yet. I did one really adorable thing in the nursery and that is what I focus on if I start to panic about not having a photo worthy nursery. Baby steps are how this nursery will be designed. I’m giving myself a lot of grace here because we are trying to save as much money as possible knowing that my paychecks will be sliced pretty thin. Also, my husband and I are both naturally savers over spenders. We will randomly make a large purchase, but both have a difficult time spending money on unnecessary items.  Dillon also gets a little sick to his stomach when our bank account goes below a certain number, and I don’t want him stressing over money during this exciting new season in our life. There are many ways to decorate a nursery on a budget, so I will be spending some time on Pinterest these next couple weeks before this basketball baby arrives.
    BabyBookshelfThis is my one thing. A single bookshelf with books mostly free from Scholastic or friends. Eventually I’d like the whole wall decorated.
  • Prewash All of Baby’s Clothes, Blankets, and Towels 
  • Order a Breast Pump  
  • Pack a Labor/Birth Food Bag I don’t know how I will feel about eating during labor, but incase I need some fuel to keep me going I want to make sure that food is waiting patiently in the house and not at the grocery store.
  • Don’t Eat The Food in the Labor/Birth Food Bag 
  • Possibly Take Maternity Photos – If So, Find An Outfit 
  • Keep the House Clean My housekeeping skills leave much to be desired. I have a pretty bad clutter reputation to overcome, and I was recently hated on about how messy my house was by some relatives. This hurt pretty badly for two reasons. One, there is truth to it. And two, because I have been really trying to keep a cleaner house, but sometimes I’m just not sure where the mess comes from. More on that in a later post…
  • Spend As Much Time Enjoying/Spoiling My Husband As Possible  –  I have no idea how a baby will change our marriage. I’m imagining the level of joy and love will sky-rocket. But I’m also imagining us facing some difficult times as we get adjusted to our new roles as Mama and Daddy. I want to pregame for these difficult times with as much love now as possible.  Ooo, Imma blame the messy house on that.
  • Finalize Baby Name Choices – Since we are waiting to find out the sex, we need one for each. Honestly, we already have them and I love them both equally, but this gives me something huge to mark off my to-do list.
  • Read 
  • Eat Dates – I’ve read about them helping with labor and delivery.
  • Remember I’m Not in Charge, God Is In Charge
    Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.  – Philippians 4:6-7.  


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Salt, Truth, and Sundays – August 1

Stay Salty

“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.”  – Matthew 5:13

Jesus said as Christians, we are the salt of the earth. But that salt can also lose its flavor and become useless. Yikes, I don’t want to be flavorless salt or a Christian who has no impact. So last week, to maintain my Christian saltyness, I watched sermons on my TV using the Youtube app while I ate my morning smoothie and toast.

I have fallen in love with this church in North Carolina, Elevation Church, and each Monday morning I eagerly check Youtube to see if yesterday’s Sunday sermon has been uploaded yet. The pastor at Elevation Church makes the word so easy for me to understand and apply. He also pushes me to have a kind of faith that requires action.


You can even watch Pastor Steven preach on Netflix! It is called #DeathToSelfie.

My home church is wonderful, but seeking other sermons throughout the week feeds me nutrients, while also allowing for me to have some easy down time watching TV on the couch.

Read the Truth

I am in the middle of a big promise from God. I am in the gap or the waiting room as I have heard it referred to. I have a battle I am fighting, one I cannot win alone. I have tried and failed. At times this particular battle seems impossible to ever win. Do you have an impossible battle, too? Take it to God. He specializes in the impossible. Just like a story of Jehoshaphat. The very short version of this particular story was that Jehoshaphat’s army was up against three different armies. There was no way they could be victorious  with these battles on their own. They needed to call upon God and have faith in his promises. I need to remember to have faith to wait on God’s promises.

“This is what the Lord says: Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God’s. Tomorrow, march out against them…But you will not even need to fight. Take your position; then stand still and watch the Lord’s victory. He is with you.” – 2 Chronicles 20: 15-17 

What I Loved About Sunday

Our baby stroller came in the mail! (Amazon Prime delivers on Sundays.) Our Aunt Jessie spent Friday with me doing a lot of baby talk and baby shop. She wanted to get us a big ticket item for the baby, so she bought us our baby stroller. I decided on a jogger stroller that also has a newborn carseat attachment. This is the first functional baby item we have gotten. I know they won’t let you leave the hospital without one, so it feels great to check something off of Baby Must-Haves List. Sure, the jellyfish is super cute, but won’t help too much when the baby is here.


We decided on blue, but we still do not know if Baby Mowdy is a boy or a girl. Blue works well for either.


Dillon had to help the postal woman take the box out of the truck because it was so heavy. Something about my husband carrying a giant box full of baby gear just made this pregnant mama’s heart soar. We didn’t find time yesterday to put it together, but I can’t wait to start turning our home into a baby ready home.


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Swimming, Sewing, and Sardines


We don’t have a pool in our backyard. Something about pools being a lot of work… But there is a pool at my childhood house and I have been trying to visit it as often as possible this summer. Bakersfield is a hot, hot city in the summer. The weather stays in the 100s for weeks on end. Family trips to the pool are this pregnant lady’s favorite summer hobby.




Sewing is another way I am spending my summer. I have made two quilts as gifts and three baby blankets that may go to Baby Mowdy or be gifted later on. I want to tackle some other easy baby sewing projects this summer.



About three years ago I thought I wanted to start an Etsy shop selling baby blankets, so I bought a ton of minky fabric when it was on sale. It’s finally getting put to good use!

3 Baby Blankets

Super easy to put these blankets together. I used this youtube tutorial. 


I need to eat more fish. After doing some research, it seems that the right fish can make for a healthier pregnant mama and baby. But I’ve never been a fan of fish. I did really well at eating sardines in the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy, but I have faded away from it recently. And I know I need to up my intake of fish and those healthy, baby brain building omega-3s in this 3rd trimester. I chose to focus on skin-on, bone-in sardines because they are already cooked and ready to go. They really aren’t that bad, but they have such a gag stigma placed around them. Maybe I’ll have to be a little less lazy and just start cooking some salmon.

Or maybe I’ll establish a reward system. Eat some fish, go for a swim. Better yet, I’ll start my no-picky-eaters-allowed parenting skills on myself…

“Fish is what’s for dinner. If you don’t like it, you can wait until breakfast.” 


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Our Babymoon

Our babymoon last week was as sweet as they come. We are fortunate to live only about two hours away from California’s beautiful central coast. Dillon and I packed up his dad’s toy hauler RV and headed west to spend 6 days camping. His grandmother has shares at a Pismo RV spot, so we really lucked out and didn’t have to pay for much besides food and gas.

Our Sweet, Simple BABYmoon

We didn’t really plan this as an official babymoon, it was more of a getaway vacation for us, but since I happened to be 6 months pregnant at the time, I’m calling it our official babymoon. I don’t really have many pictures from our 6 day getaway because I didn’t carry my purse or anything around with me. Thankfully Dillon always had his phone with him (possibly had something to do with that new Pokemon game…) and snapped a few pictures of our trip.

We went kayaking in Morro Bay one day. Well, to be honest, Dillon did all the work. I just plopped my pregnant butt down and tried to conserve my energy for the rest of the day. Mattie Girl sat in the middle of the kayak.

Across the bay there’s a small beach we like to stop at and play a bit. Mattie clearly LOVED her new toy.

There’s a Thai restaurant in Morro Bay we adore — they have gluten-free curry and a dog friendly patio. So it’s pretty much a guarantee that we go there at least once when we visit the coast. The rest of our days were filled with a lot of sweet, simple activities mixed in with some much needed rest for Dillon — (this teacher has non-stop rest June, July, and August! Woot Woot!!) — but for Dillon this was his break from work.

I’ve told him he needs to rethink his decision of not becoming a teacher. We could travel like this all summer long.


The RV camp we stayed at was great walking distance away from Pismo’s downtown and pier. Dillon would ride his bike in the morning to grab a cup of coffee at the cutest coffee shop called The Orange Cat Cafe.

It was so wonderful to spend time with Dillon before the baby comes. Since I don’t have many more pictures from our getaway babymoon, I’ll list a few memories.

  • We took our niece to San Luis’s drive-in theater to watch The Secret Life of Pets. LOVED the first half. Not sure what happened or who took over the writing for the second half…
  • I got to baby talk a bunch with my sister-in-law. She just had her baby boy.
  • We walked a TON. And it felt so good to get my pregnant body moving. It is too hot where we live to go out on walks during the day, so the 70 degree weather was so refreshing.
  • We went to San Luis’s farmers market — it’s a pretty big event and it did not disappoint. I bought some amazing peaches and mandarins and… 4 gluten-free donuts. The fruit was more satisfying (real food always is) but it’s so cool to find gluten-free donuts!
  • Dillon, the family chef, cooked a crab boil and we had family over to share the meal.
  • I didn’t wash any dishes last week! We paper plated it all week and it was fabulous.
  • Normally, I hate watching TV on vacation, but we did RedBox Miracles in Heaven and watch it in the RV one night. That movie is so good. Love, love, love it.
  • Being 6 months pregnant, I did have to pee constantly on this vacation. I didn’t care what any public bathroom looked like, if I had to pee I had to pee. Dillon, watching me suffer, had a sudden new appreciation for his ability to pee discretely whenever he needed to. I tried not to glare with envy when he took advantage of that man perk.
  • My heartburn also started to act up a little bit on this trip. When I couldn’t sleep or even lay down in bed, my sweet husband went on late night walks around the RV campsite with me until my food better settled. — San Luis also has gluten-free pizza and I may have over eaten it… YUM!
  • Our RV spot doesn’t allow campfires, so we drove out to the dunes and had a couple fires. We had a fire on our last night there and it was the perfect way to end the week.


I couldn’t help but fantasize about what our next trip to the beach will look like with a baby in tow. It used to be just the two of us and then we added Mattie to the mix and some things changed. Mostly for the better. A little baby in tow will change our vacations for sure, but I’m thinking it will also be mostly for the better.


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