Salt, Truth, and Sundays – August 1

Stay Salty

“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.”  – Matthew 5:13

Jesus said as Christians, we are the salt of the earth. But that salt can also lose its flavor and become useless. Yikes, I don’t want to be flavorless salt or a Christian who has no impact. So last week, to maintain my Christian saltyness, I watched sermons on my TV using the Youtube app while I ate my morning smoothie and toast.

I have fallen in love with this church in North Carolina, Elevation Church, and each Monday morning I eagerly check Youtube to see if yesterday’s Sunday sermon has been uploaded yet. The pastor at Elevation Church makes the word so easy for me to understand and apply. He also pushes me to have a kind of faith that requires action.


You can even watch Pastor Steven preach on Netflix! It is called #DeathToSelfie.

My home church is wonderful, but seeking other sermons throughout the week feeds me nutrients, while also allowing for me to have some easy down time watching TV on the couch.

Read the Truth

I am in the middle of a big promise from God. I am in the gap or the waiting room as I have heard it referred to. I have a battle I am fighting, one I cannot win alone. I have tried and failed. At times this particular battle seems impossible to ever win. Do you have an impossible battle, too? Take it to God. He specializes in the impossible. Just like a story of Jehoshaphat. The very short version of this particular story was that Jehoshaphat’s army was up against three different armies. There was no way they could be victorious  with these battles on their own. They needed to call upon God and have faith in his promises. I need to remember to have faith to wait on God’s promises.

“This is what the Lord says: Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God’s. Tomorrow, march out against them…But you will not even need to fight. Take your position; then stand still and watch the Lord’s victory. He is with you.” – 2 Chronicles 20: 15-17 

What I Loved About Sunday

Our baby stroller came in the mail! (Amazon Prime delivers on Sundays.) Our Aunt Jessie spent Friday with me doing a lot of baby talk and baby shop. She wanted to get us a big ticket item for the baby, so she bought us our baby stroller. I decided on a jogger stroller that also has a newborn carseat attachment. This is the first functional baby item we have gotten. I know they won’t let you leave the hospital without one, so it feels great to check something off of Baby Must-Haves List. Sure, the jellyfish is super cute, but won’t help too much when the baby is here.


We decided on blue, but we still do not know if Baby Mowdy is a boy or a girl. Blue works well for either.


Dillon had to help the postal woman take the box out of the truck because it was so heavy. Something about my husband carrying a giant box full of baby gear just made this pregnant mama’s heart soar. We didn’t find time yesterday to put it together, but I can’t wait to start turning our home into a baby ready home.


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Swimming, Sewing, and Sardines


We don’t have a pool in our backyard. Something about pools being a lot of work… But there is a pool at my childhood house and I have been trying to visit it as often as possible this summer. Bakersfield is a hot, hot city in the summer. The weather stays in the 100s for weeks on end. Family trips to the pool are this pregnant lady’s favorite summer hobby.




Sewing is another way I am spending my summer. I have made two quilts as gifts and three baby blankets that may go to Baby Mowdy or be gifted later on. I want to tackle some other easy baby sewing projects this summer.



About three years ago I thought I wanted to start an Etsy shop selling baby blankets, so I bought a ton of minky fabric when it was on sale. It’s finally getting put to good use!

3 Baby Blankets

Super easy to put these blankets together. I used this youtube tutorial. 


I need to eat more fish. After doing some research, it seems that the right fish can make for a healthier pregnant mama and baby. But I’ve never been a fan of fish. I did really well at eating sardines in the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy, but I have faded away from it recently. And I know I need to up my intake of fish and those healthy, baby brain building omega-3s in this 3rd trimester. I chose to focus on skin-on, bone-in sardines because they are already cooked and ready to go. They really aren’t that bad, but they have such a gag stigma placed around them. Maybe I’ll have to be a little less lazy and just start cooking some salmon.

Or maybe I’ll establish a reward system. Eat some fish, go for a swim. Better yet, I’ll start my no-picky-eaters-allowed parenting skills on myself…

“Fish is what’s for dinner. If you don’t like it, you can wait until breakfast.” 


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Our Babymoon

Our babymoon last week was as sweet as they come. We are fortunate to live only about two hours away from California’s beautiful central coast. Dillon and I packed up his dad’s toy hauler RV and headed west to spend 6 days camping. His grandmother has shares at a Pismo RV spot, so we really lucked out and didn’t have to pay for much besides food and gas.

Our Sweet, Simple BABYmoon

We didn’t really plan this as an official babymoon, it was more of a getaway vacation for us, but since I happened to be 6 months pregnant at the time, I’m calling it our official babymoon. I don’t really have many pictures from our 6 day getaway because I didn’t carry my purse or anything around with me. Thankfully Dillon always had his phone with him (possibly had something to do with that new Pokemon game…) and snapped a few pictures of our trip.

We went kayaking in Morro Bay one day. Well, to be honest, Dillon did all the work. I just plopped my pregnant butt down and tried to conserve my energy for the rest of the day. Mattie Girl sat in the middle of the kayak.

Across the bay there’s a small beach we like to stop at and play a bit. Mattie clearly LOVED her new toy.

There’s a Thai restaurant in Morro Bay we adore — they have gluten-free curry and a dog friendly patio. So it’s pretty much a guarantee that we go there at least once when we visit the coast. The rest of our days were filled with a lot of sweet, simple activities mixed in with some much needed rest for Dillon — (this teacher has non-stop rest June, July, and August! Woot Woot!!) — but for Dillon this was his break from work.

I’ve told him he needs to rethink his decision of not becoming a teacher. We could travel like this all summer long.


The RV camp we stayed at was great walking distance away from Pismo’s downtown and pier. Dillon would ride his bike in the morning to grab a cup of coffee at the cutest coffee shop called The Orange Cat Cafe.

It was so wonderful to spend time with Dillon before the baby comes. Since I don’t have many more pictures from our getaway babymoon, I’ll list a few memories.

  • We took our niece to San Luis’s drive-in theater to watch The Secret Life of Pets. LOVED the first half. Not sure what happened or who took over the writing for the second half…
  • I got to baby talk a bunch with my sister-in-law. She just had her baby boy.
  • We walked a TON. And it felt so good to get my pregnant body moving. It is too hot where we live to go out on walks during the day, so the 70 degree weather was so refreshing.
  • We went to San Luis’s farmers market — it’s a pretty big event and it did not disappoint. I bought some amazing peaches and mandarins and… 4 gluten-free donuts. The fruit was more satisfying (real food always is) but it’s so cool to find gluten-free donuts!
  • Dillon, the family chef, cooked a crab boil and we had family over to share the meal.
  • I didn’t wash any dishes last week! We paper plated it all week and it was fabulous.
  • Normally, I hate watching TV on vacation, but we did RedBox Miracles in Heaven and watch it in the RV one night. That movie is so good. Love, love, love it.
  • Being 6 months pregnant, I did have to pee constantly on this vacation. I didn’t care what any public bathroom looked like, if I had to pee I had to pee. Dillon, watching me suffer, had a sudden new appreciation for his ability to pee discretely whenever he needed to. I tried not to glare with envy when he took advantage of that man perk.
  • My heartburn also started to act up a little bit on this trip. When I couldn’t sleep or even lay down in bed, my sweet husband went on late night walks around the RV campsite with me until my food better settled. — San Luis also has gluten-free pizza and I may have over eaten it… YUM!
  • Our RV spot doesn’t allow campfires, so we drove out to the dunes and had a couple fires. We had a fire on our last night there and it was the perfect way to end the week.


I couldn’t help but fantasize about what our next trip to the beach will look like with a baby in tow. It used to be just the two of us and then we added Mattie to the mix and some things changed. Mostly for the better. A little baby in tow will change our vacations for sure, but I’m thinking it will also be mostly for the better.


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Our Reasons for Waiting to Find Out Our Baby’s Gender


For the first 19 weeks, Dillon was completely on board for waiting to find out the sex until the baby’s big arrival. I noticed the change in his attitude after we had our first ultrasound at 20 weeks along. Before my belly even had the goo on it, I was telling the ultrasound technician, “We don’t want to know the gender! We want to be surprised! We don’t want to know the gender…” I said it repeatedly just for insurance.

She was great. Throughout the entire ultrasound she kept baby’s genitals far away from our confused eyes.

Eventually she had to tell us, “I’m checking the baby down there now so this is when you’ll want to look away.”

No problem. I happily turned and looked at Dillon thinking to myself, surprise are so fun, only to discover he was peeking! He was trying his hardest to decipher penis or vagina. Thankfully the combination of my hand waving to block his vision plus the difficult-to-read ultrasound left him clueless.

I secretly believe Dillon secretly believed he was going to be able to read the ultrasound and find out for himself.

So, he only has two reasons for waiting to find out the sex.

Husband’s Reason For Waiting:

1. His wife thought it would be fun. 

2. Ultrasounds are tricky to read.

Wife’s Reason For Waiting:

1. My Husband’s Face
My husband unintentionally makes the cutest face when I tease him about the gender. I tell him, “Ok, Baby, if you really want to know the gender…. go to the hospital and have them give your belly an ultrasound!” Makes one of us laugh every time anyhow.

2. The Build Up
Many woman have asked how I can wait. They tell me how they were just too excited and had to find out as soon as possible. I can definitely understand that point of view. I’ve been tempted to find out. But to me, the longer we wait to find out, the more the excitement is building up.  I’m imagining it to be like unwrapping the ultimate Christmas present on Christmas morning. WHAT DID I GET?!?!?

3. I Dislike Microwaves
Growing up in this instant, fast paced world has made me develop a craving for things that take time. This is my way of slowing down. There’s only one way we are going to find out the sex. And that’s to wait until Baby Mowdy makes his/her grand entrance.

4. Extra Motivation During Labor
I’m hoping this will motivate me through labor pains to finally find out.

5. Dreaming About Both
I always thought I’d prefer a baby girl. Dillon is already out numbered three (me, dog, cat) to one and the thought of him being even more out numbered is hilarious to me. Little dresses, pink everywhere, and watching a baby girl fall in love with her daddy makes my heart melt.

But then I think about a baby boy. A tiny version of Dillon. How great would that be? I would love a tiny version of my husband running around the house.

I really don’t care either way. Both have so many positives.

6. Less Stuff
I hate clutter. I hate stuff.  I’ve spent a good amount of my life trying to declutter once and for all. Sometimes I’m convinced I have a clutter hand and everything I touch turns to clutter. I don’t want to be a stressed out mama drowning in clutter. Yellow and green aren’t as much fun to buy, so I’m assuming we will accumulate less stuff in the weeks before baby arrives.

Those are the main reasons that come to mind. I have some others that make sense, like gender neutral baby gear can be reused, it’s fun meeting other people who waited, and I want Dillon to be the one to say, “It’s a ____ !

I’m also not really a planner. The only part of waiting to find out that is bugging me is making a quilt for the baby. I really don’t want a gender neutral one (unless I find the perfect fabric). So I’m stuck with either making both or waiting until the baby comes to make one. We shall see. I do have a lot of free time now. That might be smarter. And hey, then I’d have a baby gift just waiting for the right pregnant lady.

I don’t have mother’s intuition yet about the gender, but anyone who has seen me has guessed BOY. I’m not sure what strategy they are using but so far all I’ve heard was, “it’s a boy, I can tell, and I’m never wrong.”  This is how I’m carrying so far.


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The Wife I Want My Husband To Have

When I become the worst version of myself, I start to question why God made me Dillon’s wife. My worst version often comes out when things don’t go my way. Kind of like an infant’s response. And because I’m a teacher, I can hear my own voice mocking me…

“Two year olds have fits,” Mrs. Mowdy would say. “Are you a two year old?”


I let myself fall into that endless pit. The pit where loneliness, self-pity, and selfishness like to party. I begin to feel so overwhelmed by life’s demands that I want to sink into the floor I’m most likely laying on. I want to disappear because that seems like the easiest option. I’ve always struggled with random days of depression, except now that I’m married, I have an audience who witnesses it. Which is a new kind of awful.

Sometimes, I begin to dwell on the idea that I’m not cut out for the job of a wife. Being a good wife is too difficult. Who can be stable all the time? Not me. And my husband needs a wife who is more stable. Constant like a train, not chaotic like a roller coster.

I let my guard down.  And with my guard let down, my ability to react correctly gets largely compromised.  This, I’ve learned, thrills the enemy.

Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. – 1 Peter 5:8

In that mood, when the enemy talks to me, not only will I listen, I’ll believe him. And he says the ugliest things.

“Look at you. Being all depressed. What a loser.”

“Dillon was going places before he met you.”

Pursuing a relationship with Dillon was the cruelest thing you’ve ever done.”

“You knew you were predisposed to depression. Just like your mom. It was selfish for you to marry someone knowing what you know about yourself.”

“You’re just going to ruin that man.”

“You know, it would be better if you died so your husband could find a wife who’s not such a wreck.”

“Do your husband a favor. Let him out now.”  

Goodness, gracious. The enemy sure knows which words are going to bring the most powerful blow.

In the past, meaning before I knew God, those lies would have been all I would allow myself to hear. I used to let them soak in and let them eat away at me. I thought that because I had thought them they must be true. I used to not know that the enemy likes to come uninvited into my head and talk nonsense.

Thankfully, I’ve learned there’s another voice that can pull me back up and force the enemy to shut up. The voice of truth.

So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” – Matthew 19:6

God put my husband and me together. He doesn’t make mistakes. And if God thinks that my husband and I belong together, then who am I to cast doubt? 

Yes, some days I fail Dillon as a wife. Yes, I’m needy. Yes, I’m manipulating. But thank God, I am also learning. So there are less and less days where I fail miserably. And when I do start to stumble and the enemy starts reading from his script of lies, I can speak truth over them.

No, devil, I don’t have to die for Dillon to meet a better woman. I can BE that better woman. It sounds so strange and dramatic to write out that statement, but I’ve let myself become convinced of that in the past. Scary.


Dillon is the best man I know. That’s why I married him. I’d like to believe he married me because I’m the best woman he knows. And I want to spend my marriage proving to him he was correct. He made the right choice.

I don’t want my husband to have a wife who needs constant help. A wife who can’t (won’t) overcome.  A wife he has to tip-toe around.  When I was chatting with the devil about how it would be better if my husband had a different wife, I wrote out a list of qualities I’d like for that woman to have.  God really does make all things work together for our good. A lie from the enemy to destroy my marriage led to a list that will enhance my marriage. Ha, devil! You lose again!

This list is my way of staying on track when the marriage of two sinners gets tough.


The Wife I Want My Husband To Have

  1. She goes to God first.

  2. She keeps their house clean. She happily keeps their house clean.

  3. She plans adventures for them.

  4. She confronts her husband on his sin.

  5. She prays for her husband daily.

  6. She will choose forgiveness over resentment.

  7. She supports her husband’s hobbies and is bold with her own.

  8. She’s no fool when it comes to the devil.  She is prepared to fight back. 

  9. She does not complain about her husband’s downfalls.

  10.  She spoils her husband rotten. 


My goal is to be a blessing to my husband. To build him up, not tear him down.

 A worthy wife is a crown for her husband, but a disgraceful woman is like cancer in his bones. – Proverbs 12:4

Yikes, that is a scary thought. Lord, please don’t let me be cancer to my husband…help me to remember this list and be intentional about becoming the wife I want my husband to have. Amen.

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Baby Boy Triangle Quilt

Something about summer, I’m going to guess the hours and hours of free time, makes me take on sewing projects. It’s one of the ways I make sure to fill my day with productivity. A sweet baby boy, Braxton, was recently born into our family. Dillon and I have a new nephew!

New baby in the family + summer vacation = baby blanket!


I decided to make an equilateral triangle quilt after getting some inspiration online from Elise Blaha. I normally tend to favor making rag time quilts, but sometimes you need to change things up. Also, flannel and summer do not mix.

The baby lives by the beach, so a pirate themed quilt seemed like a great choice.


Dillon’s sister is the one who had the baby, so I texted him pictures from the fabric store asking what he thought of the pirate and skulls theme. I was thrilled and reassured by his response of ,“What?! Those are awesome. I want them for our baby.”  That’s how I knew I was on the right path. I’m more of a girly girl, so picking out boy stuff was against the norm.


I went to Beverly’s Fabrics to make my selection. I find they have better quality fabric than Joanns. Picking out the perfect fabric takes me at least an hour. I go up and down the same aisles again and again and again.

Also, I ended up not using one of the red ones in that picture and swapped it for a different one.


I struggled with figuring out cutting equilateral triangles for a bit, but soon had a good rhythm down. I love each step in making a quilt.

I also washed and ironed the fabric. All of that red fabric made me nervous and I wanted to make sure everything was nice and clean for a newborn.

Speaking of which, whenever I have a blanket in the making, I have to watch out for my cat, Jewel Lee, because she loves to go spread out on the fabric. And I didn’t wash and iron the fabric just so a bunch of cat hair could get on it.


She’s pretending not to be interested, but she’s just waiting for me to leave the room.


 She is sneaky sometimes.


Then comes to sewing part. I didn’t really capture any pictures of that part. The bigger my belly gets, the harder it is to sit still and sew for long periods of time. I better get working on any Baby Mowdy projects pretty quickly…


Ta-Da! A nearly finished triangle quilt! It is so satisfying to see a quilt finally come together.

The back of the quilt… 


I am thrilled with how it turned out! If you look too closely, it’s clear my quilting skills are still being developed, but I am very happy with my semi-crooked lines.

signed quilt

I decided to sign this quilt, To:Braxton <3: Auntie.

I just love finishing a sewing project. Not only are handmade gifts super fun to share with families, now I can go back to the fabric store and not feel guilty about buying more fabric!


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The Four Fathers In My Life

Happy Father’s Day!


I am fortunate to have not only one, but four fathers in my life. That makes me feel so wrapped with protection and love. I also feel so reassured that Baby Mowdy will also have these four fathers watching out for him/her. Here’s a brief story to show an example of the amount of love these men bring into my life.

About two months ago, I was fighting off a really stubborn cold. I typically just wait a cold out, nursing it with lots of homemade chicken soup and couch potato-ness. However, being about 16 weeks pregnant and having a cold got me a little concerned. I starting getting dizzy, felt extremely faint, and had what seemed like a hundred other odd symptoms.

To make a you-had-to-be-there story a little less confusing, I ended up in the doctor’s waiting room accompanied by a concerned husband, father, and father-in-law. It was by no means necessary for all three of them to be at the doctor’s with me. It just sort of happened to work out that way. They all came to help out, and man, have I ever felt so loved. I was the happiest sick pregnant girl. I couldn’t stop smiling at the realization of how much love is in my life. The realization that at a moment’s notice, I have three dependable men who are willingly to put a halt to whatever they are doing to come help me. That’s pretty special.

It turned out I was just low on electrolytes, plus the cold, plus being pregnant, so the doctor said to up the fluids and rest.

In celebration of Father’s Day, I’d love to introduce you to the four fathers in my life.

My Dad


Kenneth Smith

Things that remind me of my dad:   homemade spaghetti, creek fishing, WWII books or movies, trains, Neil Diamond, lighthouses

A sweet memory: My dad and I played chess together all the time when I was a kid. He taught me how to play the game and he was sweet enough to let me win occasionally. He actually taught me too well because I eventually ended up being better at chess than him and he no longer had to let me win. We haven’t played a game in a while, but we’ll have to do a rematch and see where we stand. I can’t wait to see him teach Baby Mowdy how to play chess!

My Father-In-Law


Steve Mowdy

Things that remind me of my father-in-law: Harley Davidson, trailer camping, boating, Jesus Calling, coffee, Van Morrison

A sweet memory: A few summers ago, every Wednesday night, Steve and I would go together to the church’s Bible study. Steve would get a cup of coffee and we’d sit together learning the word of God and singing praises of worship. Steve’s faith in God is a part of what attracted me to pursue a relationship with God. You can always count of Steve to be sporting a smile. He’s going to teach Baby Mowdy how to climb a hill on a dirt bike. Side note…this mama will be upping her prayer life.

My Husband – A soon to be daddy!


Dillon Mowdy

Things that remind me of this father-to-be:  sweet tea, local breweries, bicycles, outdoor grills, Top Gear, Morro Bay

A sweet memory: The day we decided to pick out a puppy Dillon had found a ranch that had 4 miniature Australian shepherds puppies to choose from. We had an idea of which puppy we wanted based on the pictures, but we got to play with them for about ten minutes before we made our decision. We both favored the sweetest, gentlest one. Driving home with a puppy in the middle seat, we had fun tossing names around. We talked about the name Dolly, but I couldn’t say Dolly without adding Parton and that drove Dillon insane. He didn’t want a dog named Dolly Parton. So we landed on Mattie. And it’s perfect for her. And as for what he’ll teach Baby Mowdy, I can’t even begin to narrow it down. I do, however, really hope our child notices the kind, gentle way he loves and takes care of me.

God – My Good, Good Father



Things that remind me of my heavenly Father: worship music, The Bible, hope, grace, love, forgiveness, church

While all the fathers in my life are dependable, God is the Father I can always turn to. The love I receive from God is the love that is teaching me how to love others. This Father-daughter relationship is the most important relationship in my life. It is transforming me. God is the only Father able to handle all my struggles and calm all my fears.

Happy Father’s Day, to all my fathers, I am so grateful to have each of you in my life.

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5 Perks I Am Loving About Pregnancy

I am so happy to announce my first trimester of pregnancy went really well. Sure, the grocery store and all of its many smells had me gagging, but other than a constant semi-queasy stomach this pregnancy has been very kind to me so I’m going to brag on it.


    1. Guilt Free Sick Days

      When I went to the doctor with a stubborn cold, she was insistent that I take three days off of work to rest because I was pregnant. Three days! I really needed those three days for my pregnant body to fight off that persistent common cold, but it was so great that a doctor wrote it down on a piece of paper and very strictly insisted with her Indian accent, “No work for three days! And when you go back, stay away from the germ carrying children!” It was a huge stress relief to call in sick without having that if-you-had-to-you-could-push-through-it guilt.

    2. Gaining weight

      I know this isn’t a popular favorite with many women, but I have struggled with being underweight for close to six years so my body is loving this steady weight gain. I adore filling out my clothes, needing bigger sizes, and just being extra squishy all over. Just for a point of reference, I’m 5 feet 3 inches and started the pregnancy at 98 pounds. I am now weighing in around 108 pounds. I’m going to break the scale because I get on it too frequently.

    3. Strong Baby Kicks

      Or really my husband’s reaction when he can feel a strong baby kick. At times he would put his hand on my belly and to humor me say, “um, maybe?”, when I’d ask if he could feel a kick, but then when a strong kick finally comes along he almost jumps back like, whoa. Felt that one. 

    4. NO PERIODS!

      Oh my goodness. How in the world do us women put up with one a month? These past four months have been heavenly. Is this what being a man feels like?

    5. Thoughtful People

      I have loved experiencing how thoughtful people are to a pregnant woman. It feels like people have been extra cautious about asking me for favors because they know I am already doing quite a bit. Like, building some kidneys. I sometimes joke with my husband while he’s in the kitchen cooking dinner for us, “You keep cooking the chicken, baby. I’m gonna keep working on building our baby’s liver.”  And I’m also going to add, because that makes me sound a tad lazy, that I most likely am the one who cleaned up the dishes created by dinner. We try to tag team it in the kitchen as much as possible.

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The First Post

A Rescued Princess is about saying hello and yes to

Hope. Faith. Grace. Forgiveness. Love. Mercy. Truth. Princess.  Jesus.

A Rescued Princess is about saying goodbye and no to

Fear. Anxiety. Depression. Guilt. Shame. Hate. Selfishness. Lies. Sinner. Satan.

Starting a blog has been on my God to-do list for a while now. I’m taking the first step of blind faith for what God has told me to do. It’s scary for me to share my struggles with the world, but obedience can be scary. Obedience often must happen without seeing the whole picture before hand.

One of the main reasons I am writing is because my heart aches for women, who like myself, can become easy prey for Satan without even realizing it. I’ve believed so many deceptions the devil has laid out for me, the most devastating of which brought me to an abortion clinic four years ago.  I plan on writing more about my abortion, to shed some light on a very dark subject. I’m positive the devil cheered at his victory that day. He thought he would have my life after that. And so did I.

Was blind, but now I see. 

Thankfully, that’s where my savoir comes in. I have a story of healing to share, one that can hopefully help other women. God has used that mistake to open my eyes, to wake me up. His word promises good from even the most awful of situations. I am done being duped by the devil. The enemy has taken too many precious things from me and wasted too much of my time. I am ready to put on God’s armor and live the life Jesus died so I could have.

Rescued Princess is my place to give glory to God. It will also be my place to share my latest hobby adventures, life updates, and who knows what else. But I’m excited. And I’d love for you to join me.

With love,




Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” – John 8:12

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