When Love Songs Go Christian

My mind is dizzy with what to write about labor, birth, postpartum, and all things newborn, but it all is mixed up in my head right now so instead I will tame this itch to write with a thought I frequently have while listening to music.

So many of my thoughts start with “Before I became a Christian” I should have an acronym for it. BIBAC. Just kidding. Since I teach public elementary school I am overloaded with acronyms. At each teacher meeting we are presented with new ones. ELD, RTI, PLC, TPA, ELL, and so many more that are not as strong in my mind since I’m still on maternity leave and cannot even recall most of my students’ names. I only taught three weeks this year.

So, BIBAC – my favorite songs were country songs. I was particularly obsessed with songs about infidelity. Give me a good country song about cheating and I would repeat that bad boy nonstop. In my old car, the skip-back button’s ink had rubbed off because of how often I would play it again, play it again, play it again. My obsession with songs about cheating slowed way down once Dillon and I got serious. Cheating songs became super unappealing and listening to many of them now will get me talking to the radio. You do have self control and shame on you, honey. You need to go to church. Get out of the bar. Go meet Jesus instead of going back into his/her bed.  

I am still a country fan if the right song comes along, Outskirts of Heaven anyone?!, but when I’m driving my radio is almost always tuned in with K-Love. Especially if I’m getting on a freeway. Lord, give me strength.

Listening to worship songs daily has caused me to have an interesting transformation when I listen to other songs. Particularly love songs. I’ve noticed how many love songs turn into worship songs. For example, It’s Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

This song no longer makes me think of the love between Dillon and me, but the love between God and me. I don’t know the song word for word, so I’m sure there must be some lines that are more towards husbandly love, but when I sing along with…

It’s your love. It just does something to me. It sends a shock right through me. I can’t get enough. And if you wonder, about the spell I’m under, it’s your love. 

… my mind immediately pictures the love that saved my life. The love that fuels me. The love that forever changed me.

Is that not a great worship song all of a sudden? It’s your love becomes it‘s Your love. The capital changes it all.



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