Why I Love My “Haunted” Due Date

Pumpkin Due Date

“When was the first day of your last period?” she asked me.

“December 31st.”   It was easy to remember because Dillon, Mattie, and I were camping for New Years. It’s always fun getting your period on vacation at a campsite.

“Ok, that would mean your baby’s due date is,” she paused for a moment as she typed in the information to the nifty due-date calculator, “October 6th.” 

“October 6th?” I asked for clarification.

“Yup,” she smiled. “It’ll be here before you know it.”

October 6th. October 6th. October 6th. Don’t panic, Katie. October 6th?

I glanced over at Dillon for a minute as if to say with my facial expression, that’s a pretty slim chance! Is this okay? But he didn’t seem phased by the date October 6th like I was. I had a million thoughts going through my mind. Is that a bad thing? A good thing? What does that mean? Should I get upset? Am I upset? October 6th has been a date on the calendar that brings me back to one of the most difficult seasons in my life. It’s one of those dates so full of pain that no matter how many years go by you can still remember so clearly how the events played out. I can very clearly remember all the terrible images and hear the terrible sounds that happened one year on October 6th because October 6th is the day my mother ended her life.

My baby’s due date is my mom’s death date.

Definitely not the most devastating news to find out at the doctor’s office, but I had to decide for me personally if I was going to let this molehill become a mountain. I am happy to say I fairly quickly decided no. It initially shook me, but I was not going to let this become a thing.

And then the more I thought about it, the more excited I got about it. If I wasn’t so awkward at it, I would have winked at God because here’s what I realized.

God can and does give new life to all things.  Even a date on the calendar. Yes, many years ago on October 6th, my family came home and our lives changed forever. October 6, 1997 instantly changed my nine-year old self. It flooded me with new fears that I hadn’t known before. It was not a good day in my life.

But that is in the past. October 6th doesn’t forever have to be something that affects me so negatively. God took that date and now October 6th has become one of the most happily anticipated dates of my life. Our Baby may be arriving October 6th! That’s a pretty miraculous make-over to the previously death stained October 6th.

Baby Mowdy’s expected arrival is bringing new life where death once was.  Thank God. 

Another reason I love our haunted due date is because it let me take a stand against the enemy. I could have chosen to dwell in the sadness and past. I heard the enemy try to persuade me to take a stroll down ol’ self-pity lane. The enemy tried to get me to let my mind wonder and focus on the hurt instead of the happy. Well, nice try, devil, but I will not let this upset me or this pregnancy. I’ve come too far on my walk with God to let this bring me down.

I intend to enjoy this baby and pregnancy despite my past. I am so happy about our little October 6th pumpkin.

I couldn’t think of a better due date for this baby.



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  1. Katie, you are so very strong. I really don’t believe in coincidences, and I am sure God chose that date for a reason. Good for you for recognizing a spiritual battle!

    I will be praying for you on October 6th. Hugs!

  2. Bethany,

    Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate them so much. And thank you for the prayers! I am counting a lot on God and prayer to help Baby and me navigate labor together. Any day now! 🙂

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